Bourbon Chocolate snack Potato chips Potato snack Snack

Jagachoco is mixed with chocolate & potato chips, save time but confusing taste

Confusing taste snack

We, Japanese people normally don’t try to eat potato chip with chocolate because potato chips is salty and oppositely chocolate is sweet.

Not so many person can imagine these things are in mouth at the same time and still delicious.

Chocolate  tip cokkie is understandable. because chocolate and cookie is both sweet and we can imagine it must be delicious. Chips plus sour cream and onion flavor is understandable because both is salty. But potate chips with chocolate is ununderstandable.

so normal conservative big company never try to sell Chocolate potato chips.

So I was surprised when I see this snack. and I was confusing. And I thought it could not be delicious.

But I love chocolate, and I love potato chips too. I eat both often different opotunity. and internal voice said to me that if youeat “Jagachoco” , you can save time and money.

But I never think it give me good taste. but my internal voice said to me again.

Certainly dalty and sweet never good taste convination. but if both go into stomach, it’s same result.

So I reluctantly buy “Jagachoco”.

And I eat it.

Jagachoco’s Potato chips is delicious. Jagachoco’s chocolate is delicious.

But I still cannot say Jagachoco is delicious or not.

I am still confusing.

When you eat Jagachoco in future, please tell me your opinion.


















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Basic data

Product Name Jagachoco
Generic name Snack
Category chocolate snack
Recepie Fried potato mixed with chocolate
Price JPY141-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Bourbon
Taste Potato taste potato but Chocolate taste shocolate. I cannot recognise this Jagachoco mixed taste at the same time.
Food texture Crispy and bit oily chocolate
Calorie  201 kcal
Comment It’s a challenging taste ! you need courage to eat it !
Dessert Yamazaki

“Kushi dango, Surigoma-dare”, sewer worms looks “rice dumpling Japanese confection”


look bad, but taste is good, Japanese desert

You will wonder why sewer worms like egestion is neatly packed ? In Japan, we sell this at food store as dessert.

But please don’t misunderstand. lady and gentleman.

Certainly this look grotesque. But it is not egestion. It’s a Japanese confection. or it’s future egestion.

I must say this is very delicious. taste is sweet, and texture is very mild and soft. I promise if you eat it, you love this.

Interesting thing is that this sauce is toasted sesame seeds. You know sesame is good for anti aging.

This Japanese confection make you healthy by eating it. But I think if you just look this, your nerve will be damaged because of this grotesque looks.

Now you know this Japanese confection is delicious and healthy., don’t hesitate to try to eat it when you find out it in Japan.

this is front view.


botom view.



Now I open the package. sweet smell come out in the air.



What a grotesque look it is !

It’s like a toilet drain outlet material.



Now I start to eat it for you.


Eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name Kushi Dango Surigoma Dare
Generic name Desert
Category Dango
Recepie Rice dumpling with sweet ground toasted sesame seeds sauce
Price JPY100-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Yamazaki
Taste  Very sweet
Food texture Very soft and slimy
Calorie  473 kcal
Comment  It very very sweet and slimy. I recommend to eat it with Japanese green tea.




Chocolate snack Lotte Snack UCC

Why this chocolate snack “Koala no march” was able to be best seller more than former similar products?

Secret of No1 selling product in Japan

This is “Koala no march (Koaranomaachi)”. This is best sellers snack and very popular in Japan. because it’s very delicious. Chocolate is injected in this Koala shape biscuit.

This chocolate snack was made in imitate of “Pakkuncho” that is released previous year, and this “Pakkuncho” is made in imitate of “Hello Panda” that was released nine year ago.


This is Pakkuncho
This is Pakkuncho

Lotte company marketing strategy is Koala

But you will wonder what is this name ? I admit that Japanese eat whale sometime. But almost all Japanese never eat Koala.

Lotte that make this “Koala-no-march” had known that this type of chocolate & biscuit snack can be good sales. So their marketing team tried to sell their new similar product more than former similar type chocolate snacks.
at that time, Koala is popular topic in Japan because Australia send real Koala to Japan in the first time.

So they print Koala on their chocolate snack.

And it become best seller more than former similar products. Now days, if I start to sell similar type chocolate snack, considering it from marketing point of view, I print Britoney Spears on it. and I can success to sell it in Japan.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, anyone who are looking for genius marketing person.


back side view 

Front view


This is top view of this snack package. It’s really complicated view in spite of just a snack.


It say you must eat it until January 2014.


There is Memo space on back side package. I recommend to write your name in this space to show your other friends or family to insist on this snack is mine.


Koala picture is very pretty but upper picture is cut in round slices. Brown collar liquid is not blood. it’s slimy chocolate.



This says that back side of this snack, there are small hall that is used to inject chocolate.


This is opening moment. this inside flip tell you if you access this web address you can get lucky present. But this web address is only for me because I bought this snack. Don’t access it !





There are variety of Koala picture. Official says there are 462 character pictures. So sorry, I don’t care for it. I am only interested in eating.



THis is inside view of Koala.



It’s really delicious. I recommend you to try it.

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Basic data
Product Name Koala no march
Generic name snak
Category  Chodolate snack
Recepie chocolate injected biscuit
Price JPY100-
(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Lotte
Taste Chocolate Sweet & Biscuit sweet
Food texture Outside is crispy biscuit and inside is slimy chocolate.
Comment It’s delicious and koala print is pretty. I hesitate to bite off this Koala shape snack. and feel bit guilty. But really delicious. Haha.
Chocolate snack Kadou Snack

Choco-taro is good cost performance, Size is big, Taste have variety & price is cheap.

About name of this snack, Taro

What is this name, Choco-taro ? Choco means Chocolate, and Taro is a stand-alone Japanese given name or a common name suffix for males, it’s like John in America. If it go to America, name become like this, Choco-john.

This chocolate snack is mainly sold in kid’s snack shop, Dagashiya.

Dagashiya is for children who have little money. so lots of product is cheaper than $1.

It’s a paradise for children.

This choco-taro is one of popular snack for Dagashiya shopper.

This is just only JPY30-, very cheap but size is not small and this is covered penuts chocolate around puffed corn. we can enjoy 3 taste by one bite. What a incredible cost performance.

If you have little money, I recommend to buy this.


What is pretty lovely charachter. maybe his name is Choco-taro because this snack name is Choco-taro.




this package is alminium. it cut off the ultraviolet.




Covering picture never cheat us. it’s almost same with inside snack.




Puffed corn is covered with penut chocolate. it enable 3 taste with one bite, Chocolate, penut and puffed corn. but it’s just JPY30-.



Eating video for you

Basic data
Product Name Choco-taro
Generic name snak
Category  Chodolate snack
Recepie Chocolate, penuts and puffed corn.
Price JPY30-
(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Kadou
Taste Sweet
Food texture First contact is blasted by chocolate corting, but inside is crispy.
Comment this is very cheap. and big volume. great cost performance snack.
Drink Japan Frito-Lay Snack

The most awful & bad taste snack in Japan, Pepsi coke taste corn snack

Why this is there ?


When I go to grocery store, I found Pepsi coke package in corn snack area. I confused for a while because Pepsi package can be seen only at drink area or we never see Pepsi package at corn snack area until now in Japanese grocery store.


Certainly there are lots of taste corn snack in Japan. Salt taste, Consomme taste, Tacos taste, Wasabi taste, Piza taste, BBQ taste etc… all these taste are understandable and rational.

Because we can easilly imagine that “potate + Consomme = good taste” or “Potate + BBQ = good taste” etc.

But I think these are not human who can think that “Potate + Pepsi = good taste”.

But  believe or not, Pepsi taste corn snack is sold in this grocery store. Even though I don’t want to accept this strange snack existence, this is there. at that time, I understand the christan people’s feeling  who found out crucifixion Jesus.

Why I bought it ?

I know this must be bad taste, awful food. But strangely I cannot stop concering it. This must be never good taste. This never be nutrious. This is very unhealthy. Please tell me, who buy such worthless snack by spending valuable my money.

But you know I bought it at last.

I cannot explain logically why I spend money to such stupid food.


The name of this snack is, “Shuwa Shuwa Cola aji” in Japanese. it means “schwa schwa coke taste”. Shuwa is echoic word. and it never be used with corn snack normally.


Package say when you throw it in your mouth, corn snack popping like schwa schwa. this is surprising snack.

Enjoy refreshing Pepsi coke sweet taste.



I open package. inside corn snack seem to be quite ordinaly normal corn snack.


Color and surface is also basic corn snack.




And I throw it in my mouth with courage even though this must be awful taste.

Tell the truth, I regret to buy and regret to put it in my mouth when I taste it.

it is exactly schwa schwa feeling same as drinking popsi coke, but it accompany with salty corn snack taste.

and as I imagined, this is really bad taste.

My advice.

When you eat this disgusting corn snack, I recommend you empty your stomack because schwa schwa happen not only in your mouth, but also in your stomack.

I love Pepsi coke, I like to eat corn snack, but I run away if I am force to eat Peopi coke taste snack in future.

Eating Video for you

Basic data

Product Name: Schwa schwa cola aji
Generic name: Snack
Category:  corn snack
Recepie: corn snack & coke flavor
Price: JPY125-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: Japan Frito-Lay LtdTasteexactly corn snack taste with coke flavor
Food texture: at first schwa feeling spread in mouth. after that ordinally corn snack feeling.
Comment: This snack is good for gift for punished people.


The most popular candy in Japan, Bontan ame is master piece. of snack

Botan ame is very popular and traditional snack

This is one of the most popular, basic and traditional snack in Japan. This snack, Bontaname is loved by almost all japanese people. because it’s delicious and cheap.

This is made from Bontan fruit, that is similar to grapefruit or orange, It’s kind of citrus. That juice is mixed as very soft candy. So color is seem to be natural orange. it give us healthy impression even though candy. and hardness or texture of this candy is amazingly sexy. Not so hard but never so soft. this antinomy feeling capture our heart.

Taste is sweet but bit citrus sour. and each candy is wrapped oblaat which is gelatinous, transparent film. We used it as medical item when we take bitter medicine.

Each color, texture, taste and package give us very unique,  exclusive experience. Jesus !

About Bontan Ame

This candy (ame) is made from the bontan, also buntan  fruit. This fruit is similar to a grapefruit but larger. Large specimens are the size of a volleyball. This fruit came to Japan from Southeast Asia so it grows in the southern-most island of Kyushu where the climate is most suitable.

Bontan ame was has been made by a company in Kagoshima City, Kyushu since 1926. It is said to be inspired by caramel. It is made of mochigyuhimizuame(traditional sweetener) and the bontan fruit juice.

Interestingly, each piece of candy is individually wrapped and is eaten with the wrapper on. The wrapper is made of oblaat which is gelatinous, transparent film that melts immediately on contact with the tongue. Oblaat originally came to Japan with Dutch medicine, it was used to wrap up bitter medicine in a package like modern-day gelatin capsules. In bontan ame it is utilized to prevent the sticky mochi-based amepieces from sticking to one another.




You can take out film from this flip. what’s a user friendly system !




Now this is the candy ! how beautiful color !


Each candy is neatly fold. it’s like a art !


now I throw it in my mouth ! thank GOD !


Eating video for you


Basic data

Product Name Bontan ame
Generic name snack
Category Candy
Recepie Bontan (Citrus) mixed with candy & rice cake
Price JPY100-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Seikashokuhin
Taste Bit citrus sour but bit sweet
Food texture Not so hard but not so soft. like a Gumi
Comment Almost all Japanese know this. I never meet someone who dislike this candy. But I know people who cannot stop eating it.
Chocolate snack Snack

Strange shape snack’s chocolate have two layer system, wonderful taste !

Kinokonoyama (Mushroom mountain) by Meiji, Chocolate cnack.

Even if you cannot understand Japanese language, you can know what is this chocolate snack.

this unique shape is of course……….no, no, It’s mushroom.

This chocolate snack is very popular in Japan.

In childhood, almost all children eat this with special procedure.

  1. Pinch it with stalk.
  2. Lick chocolate part at first
  3. and eat stalk

Almost all Japanese people do this special eating procedure. I don’t know why. What are you thinking ?

Surprising point is not that but this chocolate part is two layer system !

What a advanced technology it is  ! this make this snack dainty.




back side package tell you out side chocolate is Cacao taste and inside chocolate is milk taste.



this is built in pull tab.



There are welcome message inside.


and this is snack !


Horribly some snack’s stalk is chopped off ! scaring !


How sweet look ! and now I start to lick chocolate part !


Eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name:  Kinokonoyama
Generic name:  snak
Category:  Chocolate snack
Recepie:  Two layer chocolate and cracker
Price:  JPY160- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand:  Meijiseika
Taste:  Sweet, chocolate taste
Food texture:  You can enjoy two different food textures. one is soft chocolate and another is hard cracker.
Comment:  it’s very popular snack in Japan. Let’s try.

Drink Morinaga

Future food? Drink? Weider in jelly Multi Mineral can satisfy hunger ?

I think if you don’t understand Japanese language, have nomal brain, you must think this of this drink as some motor oil or something.

or even if you can read japanese language, you cannot recoginse what is this product name.

Charge go ? In ? Multi Mineral ? Weider ?

This product is really difficult, complicated and misunderstandable drink.

Yes, this is drink, but it’s not liquid. it’s jelly.

It’s really complicated and misunderstandable product.



Package say this contain five mineral.

Iron, Calcium, Zinc and Copper. (in Japanese)

Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Copper and mMagnesium (in English)


Yes, it’s 5 minerals name in English, but it’s only 4 minerals name in Japanese.

it’s ununderstandable.





Carbohydrates 16g
Natriul 1-10mg
Calsium ?
Copper 0.2mg
Zinc 2.3mg
Iron 2.5mg
Magnesium 35mg



Tap is very futuristic.



This is jelly drink. mild pink color.


Taste is not bad.



Lots of people say this is good for emergency food. but I don’t know this really ease hunger.

at least this package is not so delicious looking.

It seem to be not healthy but it say it contain minimum nutrition, and we can take it efficiantly.

it must be future food.


Basic data
Product Name Weider in Jelly multi mineral in
Generic name  Soft drink
Category  Jerry
Price JPY210-
Brand Morinaga
Taste bit sweet and grape taste
Food texture watery jelly
Comment Taste is not bad.
Chocolate snack Meiji seika

Meiji milk chocolate, eternal pure chocolate bar made in Japan

I am  chocoholic. I admit I sometime eat chocolate instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I can do that because now i am over 20 years old.

This chocolate, Meiji milk chocolate is basic, orthdocs, tradithional chocolate bar in Japan.

there are no funny point, no ornament, no luxury, no wastefulness. it’s just chocolate.

See this constraint package design.

But I don’t know why the word “meiji” is bigger than “chocolate”.

If chocolate word size become more bigger, sales will increase, i think. this is my marketing advice.


we can see the package phrase.

“We seek for pure taste, we are choosing material according this mission, and we enhance the traditional delicious taste, this chocolate is eternal pure chocolate.”

Jesus !


Let’s peep inside of package !


Now i peel off the package softly.


Oh my got ! even though I peel off package, there are another package under package.


this double package system  tantalize me.


Now I peel off another package slowly slowly.


What’s a beautiful color !




Taste ?

Sorry but I don’t eat chocolate by taste. I just eat chocolate because it is chocolate.

Basic data

Product NameMeiji Milk chocolate
Generic name  Chocolate
Categorychocolate bar
RecepieCacao & milk
TasteSweet and bit milky
Food textureif tempalature is cold, it’s hard, but tempalature is hot, it become soft.
CommentThis is basic chocolate bar in Japan. almost all japanese people have eaten.

Snack UCC

Suppaiman is sweet dried plum. Not mummy but look like mummy.

It’s not serious food? name is joking you.

Tell the truth, this sweet snack name, “Suppaiman” is very not serious name.

Or I must say it is ignorant naming.

this name is made up of two words. one is Suppai and the other is Man.
Suppai means sour. Man means male human.

Yes, if Suppaiman is translated in English, that name is “Sour male human”.
If this company is serious, they stuck mummy in this package instead of dried plum.

How can you be serious with this name !

And I must tell you the truth now. Even though it say Suppai (Sour), this is sweet !
Yes. This snack name cheat customers.


This must be real Suppaiman according to the meaning of Suppaiman in Japanese.
Please stop to cheat customer by stupid naming.

But I don’t care, because Suppaiman is very delicious !

Suppaiman is sweet dried plum





You can see scissors picture. this tell you where you cut.



If you can cut successfully, you can use jip again and again. it’s useful.





These are not mummy, but dried plum.
it looks very bad,but it taete extrordinally good !


It’s very delicious but be caureful ! it contain seed that is very hard. (right one is it.)

Eating video for you

Basic data
Product Name Suppaiman
Generic name  Dried plum
Category sweet snack
Recepie Dry up plum and put sweet taste on it.
Price JPY157- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Uemakashiten
Taste softly sweet.
Food texture It’s like a mummy.
Comment  Appearance is grotesque, but taste is very nice. Some pregnant woman love this snack.
Chocolate snack Kabaya Snack

Pastry sandwiching the chocolate and fruit juice and cream, sweet heaven

Delicia, Biscuit pastry sandwiching the chocolate and fruit juice and cream

When I see this snack’s package, I got angry. because strawberry picture is on it.

Of course no real strawberry is in this package. Why this snack company can put strawberry pictures on it without strawberry !

I shout in my mind that “don’t cheat me !”. but I stear at this package, it’s say,

“You can feel enjoyment with just one bite.”
“White whip melting in your mouth.”
“Fullfy x droppy”

These phrase control me to buy this chocolate snack, Delicia !



Delicia is Pourtgee language, and it means delight.

This package says that this snack use strawberry juice 2.4% & Rasberry 1.9%.


Energy: 254 kcal
Protein: 2.7g
FAT: 15.4g
Carb: 27.2g
Natrium: 55mg




this is the place to open this package. it say “OPEN”.



I can open easily because there is slit.


Snack is wraped with alumi package.


it says that “We are taking advantage of material, and enjoy material flavor.
and there are lots of explanation about this snack. sorry but i have no time to translate this long explanation.
anyway it is not so important.


It say, “You can feel delight with one bite !  & white whoip melting in your mounth.”


This is wraped with Alminium film. it shut out ultraviolet rays & moisture.


Yes, whoip between bisucit & chocolate is neally burst!


At first I doubt that it contain strawberry, but when I cut it, strawberry like jelly pour.


Amazingly real chocolate snack is very similar to illustration on the package ! Jesus !

Eating video for you


Basic data

Product Name Delicia
Generic name  Chocolate snack
Category sweet snack
Recepie Sand white whoip cream with biscuit & chocolate.
Price JPY157- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Kabaya
Taste you can taste three sweet, 1.chocolate sweet, 2. Biscuit sweet, 3.Whip cream sweet.
Food texture It’s very small piece but complicated food texture because of 3 layer sysytem.1. bit hard chocolate, 2. soft biscuit, 3. mild whip cream
Comment  each piece is small but each piece is wrapped with aluminium film. it make me irritate because it is very delicious and want to eat another soon after eat one.

Must be healthy ! Dried kelp snak, sour vinegar & bit sweet taste.

Miyakokonbu, sour konbu prepared with black vinegar

Seaweed is one of detestable food in Japan because it’s smell too fishy and gooey. No people willing to eat it except sea insect.

How can we eat seaweed as snack that make our time happy ?

Japanese does.

but of course no Japanese eat it as it is. we cook it with special method. and Jesus! it’s changed to the delicious sweet snack.

Wheather you believe or not, this sweet seaweed snack is very delicious !


As I told you, only sea sea insect like this willing to eat seaweed, but human creature will not.

But this sweet snack, Miyakokonbu is incredibly delicious.



This says that you must eat it until June 2013.



This slit means that you can open from here. But there are no instruction how to open this package.

Nobody tell you how to open it. You must think up by yourself. It’s zen.


I can open it because I am zen.



Eating video for you

Basic Data

Product Name: Miyakokonbu
Generic name: Sukonbu
Category: sweet snack (bit sour)
Recepie: Dip seaweed with vinegar and cover with sugar
Price: JPY100- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: Nakanobussan
Taste: Softly sweet & sour
Food texture: Bit weat and soured sea weed is covered with sugar.
Comment: This is loved lots of Japanese people, from children to old people. And I seem to be good for health.