Pastry sandwiching the chocolate and fruit juice and cream, sweet heaven

Delicia, Biscuit pastry sandwiching the chocolate and fruit juice and cream (6) Chocolate snack
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Delicia, Biscuit pastry sandwiching the chocolate and fruit juice and cream

When I see this snack’s package, I got angry. because strawberry picture is on it.

Of course no real strawberry is in this package. Why this snack company can put strawberry pictures on it without strawberry !

I shout in my mind that “don’t cheat me !”. but I stear at this package, it’s say,

“You can feel enjoyment with just one bite.”
“White whip melting in your mouth.”
“Fullfy x droppy”

These phrase control me to buy this chocolate snack, Delicia !



Delicia is Pourtgee language, and it means delight.

This package says that this snack use strawberry juice 2.4% & Rasberry 1.9%.


Energy: 254 kcal
Protein: 2.7g
FAT: 15.4g
Carb: 27.2g
Natrium: 55mg




this is the place to open this package. it say “OPEN”.



I can open easily because there is slit.


Snack is wraped with alumi package.


it says that “We are taking advantage of material, and enjoy material flavor.
and there are lots of explanation about this snack. sorry but i have no time to translate this long explanation.
anyway it is not so important.


It say, “You can feel delight with one bite !  & white whoip melting in your mounth.”


This is wraped with Alminium film. it shut out ultraviolet rays & moisture.


Yes, whoip between bisucit & chocolate is neally burst!


At first I doubt that it contain strawberry, but when I cut it, strawberry like jelly pour.


Amazingly real chocolate snack is very similar to illustration on the package ! Jesus !

Eating video for you


Basic data

Product Name Delicia
Generic name  Chocolate snack
Category sweet snack
Recepie Sand white whoip cream with biscuit & chocolate.
Price JPY157- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Kabaya
Taste you can taste three sweet, 1.chocolate sweet, 2. Biscuit sweet, 3.Whip cream sweet.
Food texture It’s very small piece but complicated food texture because of 3 layer sysytem.1. bit hard chocolate, 2. soft biscuit, 3. mild whip cream
Comment  each piece is small but each piece is wrapped with aluminium film. it make me irritate because it is very delicious and want to eat another soon after eat one.


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