Why this chocolate snack “Koala no march” was able to be best seller more than former similar products?

Koala no march (Koaranomaachi)". This is best sellers snack (2) Chocolate snack
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Secret of No1 selling product in Japan

This is “Koala no march (Koaranomaachi)”. This is best sellers snack and very popular in Japan. because it’s very delicious. Chocolate is injected in this Koala shape biscuit.

This chocolate snack was made in imitate of “Pakkuncho” that is released previous year, and this “Pakkuncho” is made in imitate of “Hello Panda” that was released nine year ago.


This is Pakkuncho

This is Pakkuncho

Lotte company marketing strategy is Koala

But you will wonder what is this name ? I admit that Japanese eat whale sometime. But almost all Japanese never eat Koala.

Lotte that make this “Koala-no-march” had known that this type of chocolate & biscuit snack can be good sales. So their marketing team tried to sell their new similar product more than former similar type chocolate snacks.
at that time, Koala is popular topic in Japan because Australia send real Koala to Japan in the first time.

So they print Koala on their chocolate snack.

And it become best seller more than former similar products. Now days, if I start to sell similar type chocolate snack, considering it from marketing point of view, I print Britoney Spears on it. and I can success to sell it in Japan.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, anyone who are looking for genius marketing person.


back side view 

Front view


This is top view of this snack package. It’s really complicated view in spite of just a snack.


It say you must eat it until January 2014.


There is Memo space on back side package. I recommend to write your name in this space to show your other friends or family to insist on this snack is mine.


Koala picture is very pretty but upper picture is cut in round slices. Brown collar liquid is not blood. it’s slimy chocolate.



This says that back side of this snack, there are small hall that is used to inject chocolate.


This is opening moment. this inside flip tell you if you access this web address you can get lucky present. But this web address is only for me because I bought this snack. Don’t access it !





There are variety of Koala picture. Official says there are 462 character pictures. So sorry, I don’t care for it. I am only interested in eating.



THis is inside view of Koala.



It’s really delicious. I recommend you to try it.

Eating video for you

Basic data
Product Name Koala no march
Generic name snak
Category  Chodolate snack
Recepie chocolate injected biscuit
Price JPY100-
(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Lotte
Taste Chocolate Sweet & Biscuit sweet
Food texture Outside is crispy biscuit and inside is slimy chocolate.
Comment It’s delicious and koala print is pretty. I hesitate to bite off this Koala shape snack. and feel bit guilty. But really delicious. Haha.


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