PINO is starred in Star wars? delicious secret of popular Japanese ice cream

Ice cream
it's matter of politic?
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Popular and delicious ice cream in Japan

popular Japanese ice creamPino is one of the most popular ice cream in Japan. Yes, it’s popular Japanese ice cream.

Trapezial ice cream is cover with chocolate. Size is about eyeball.

It contains six in one package. Each ice cream is put on the plastic tray neatly.

And it also contain one pin to poke ice cream.

pino ice ream0014

Who use this pin!

This ice cream is covered with chocolate, so we can pick up without being sticky. So I think we need not pin.

I think these tray & pin are waste of cost. They push up the price.

This ice cream company, Morinaga should beef up ice cream instead of unnecessary things.

Outside is chocolate taste because it cover with chocolate. And inside is vanilla ice cream taste. it’s very simple taste.

Star wars’ director, George Lucas steal  idea of this ice cream shape?


starwars & pino

Who can say star wars don’t steal the idea of Pino shape?

This ice cream, Pino start to sell in 1976. soon this become very popular in Japan because it’s very delicious.

Strangely Star wars is released next year. and surprisingly same shape character is starred in Star wars.

Yes it’s Darth Vader.

Darth Vader’s head shape is same to this ice cream, Pino.

I don’t want to say Gerge lucas steal the idea of this ice cream shape. But you will say it because shape is same.

But Japanese people cannot resist USA because of political problem.

it is not not star wars, it’s earth wars.


it's matter of politic? popular Japanese ice cream

it’s matter of politic?

It’s a bad taste story, but this ice cream is good taste. Please check how delicious by seeing my eating video.

Basic data

Product Name: PINO
Generic name: Ice cream
Category: snack
Price: JPY120- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: Morinaga
Weight: 60ml
Calorie: 192kcal (19 min Jogging to burn)

Eating video for you

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