Must be healthy ! Dried kelp snak, sour vinegar & bit sweet taste.

Miyakokonbu, sour konbu prepared with black vinegar (6) Snack
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Miyakokonbu, sour konbu prepared with black vinegar

Seaweed is one of detestable food in Japan because it’s smell too fishy and gooey. No people willing to eat it except sea insect.

How can we eat seaweed as snack that make our time happy ?

Japanese does.

but of course no Japanese eat it as it is. we cook it with special method. and Jesus! it’s changed to the delicious sweet snack.

Wheather you believe or not, this sweet seaweed snack is very delicious !


As I told you, only sea sea insect like this willing to eat seaweed, but human creature will not.

But this sweet snack, Miyakokonbu is incredibly delicious.



This says that you must eat it until June 2013.



This slit means that you can open from here. But there are no instruction how to open this package.

Nobody tell you how to open it. You must think up by yourself. It’s zen.


I can open it because I am zen.



Eating video for you

Basic Data

Product Name: Miyakokonbu
Generic name: Sukonbu
Category: sweet snack (bit sour)
Recepie: Dip seaweed with vinegar and cover with sugar
Price: JPY100- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: Nakanobussan
Taste: Softly sweet & sour
Food texture: Bit weat and soured sea weed is covered with sugar.
Comment: This is loved lots of Japanese people, from children to old people. And I seem to be good for health.


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