Choco-taro is good cost performance, Size is big, Taste have variety & price is cheap.

Choco-taro is good cost performance, Size is big, Taste have variety & price is cheap. (1) Chocolate snack
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About name of this snack, Taro

What is this name, Choco-taro ? Choco means Chocolate, and Taro is a stand-alone Japanese given name or a common name suffix for males, it’s like John in America. If it go to America, name become like this, Choco-john.

This chocolate snack is mainly sold in kid’s snack shop, Dagashiya.

Dagashiya is for children who have little money. so lots of product is cheaper than $1.

It’s a paradise for children.

This choco-taro is one of popular snack for Dagashiya shopper.

This is just only JPY30-, very cheap but size is not small and this is covered penuts chocolate around puffed corn. we can enjoy 3 taste by one bite. What a incredible cost performance.

If you have little money, I recommend to buy this.


What is pretty lovely charachter. maybe his name is Choco-taro because this snack name is Choco-taro.




this package is alminium. it cut off the ultraviolet.




Covering picture never cheat us. it’s almost same with inside snack.




Puffed corn is covered with penut chocolate. it enable 3 taste with one bite, Chocolate, penut and puffed corn. but it’s just JPY30-.



Eating video for you

Basic data
Product Name Choco-taro
Generic name snak
Category  Chodolate snack
Recepie Chocolate, penuts and puffed corn.
Price JPY30-
(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Kadou
Taste Sweet
Food texture First contact is blasted by chocolate corting, but inside is crispy.
Comment this is very cheap. and big volume. great cost performance snack.


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