The most popular candy in Japan, Bontan ame is master piece. of snack

Bontan ame is master piece. of snack (7) Snack
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Botan ame is very popular and traditional snack

This is one of the most popular, basic and traditional snack in Japan. This snack, Bontaname is loved by almost all japanese people. because it’s delicious and cheap.

This is made from Bontan fruit, that is similar to grapefruit or orange, It’s kind of citrus. That juice is mixed as very soft candy. So color is seem to be natural orange. it give us healthy impression even though candy. and hardness or texture of this candy is amazingly sexy. Not so hard but never so soft. this antinomy feeling capture our heart.

Taste is sweet but bit citrus sour. and each candy is wrapped oblaat which is gelatinous, transparent film. We used it as medical item when we take bitter medicine.

Each color, texture, taste and package give us very unique,  exclusive experience. Jesus !

About Bontan Ame

This candy (ame) is made from the bontan, also buntan  fruit. This fruit is similar to a grapefruit but larger. Large specimens are the size of a volleyball. This fruit came to Japan from Southeast Asia so it grows in the southern-most island of Kyushu where the climate is most suitable.

Bontan ame was has been made by a company in Kagoshima City, Kyushu since 1926. It is said to be inspired by caramel. It is made of mochigyuhimizuame(traditional sweetener) and the bontan fruit juice.

Interestingly, each piece of candy is individually wrapped and is eaten with the wrapper on. The wrapper is made of oblaat which is gelatinous, transparent film that melts immediately on contact with the tongue. Oblaat originally came to Japan with Dutch medicine, it was used to wrap up bitter medicine in a package like modern-day gelatin capsules. In bontan ame it is utilized to prevent the sticky mochi-based amepieces from sticking to one another.




You can take out film from this flip. what’s a user friendly system !




Now this is the candy ! how beautiful color !


Each candy is neatly fold. it’s like a art !


now I throw it in my mouth ! thank GOD !


Eating video for you


Basic data

Product Name Bontan ame
Generic name snack
Category Candy
Recepie Bontan (Citrus) mixed with candy & rice cake
Price JPY100-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Seikashokuhin
Taste Bit citrus sour but bit sweet
Food texture Not so hard but not so soft. like a Gumi
Comment Almost all Japanese know this. I never meet someone who dislike this candy. But I know people who cannot stop eating it.


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