It’s not space food but space taste chocolate snack dock with excrement, Appolo

Apollo chocolate, (3) Chocolate snack
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Why this chocolate snack was made ?

This is very famous chocolate snack in Japan. At first this was named after Appolo in Greek mythology but they didn’t decide the shape of it.
but when Appolo 11 rocket landing on lunar in 1969, Meiji seika company think up this distinct triangular pyramid inspired from rocket.

this is two-tone color, brown and pink. brown part is regular chocolate taste and pink part is strawberry taste.

You will think strange why this is pink and brown two-tone color.

There is hypothesis that this rocket shape apollo chocolate separate brown part from pink part when it reach stomach. and brown part dock with excrement. it’s a wonderful space mission.

When you come to Japan, please enjoy this strange shape and space taste chocolate snack !









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Basic data

Product Name Appolo chocolate
Generic name Snack
Category Chocolate snack
Recepie :  sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa mass, lactose, whole milk powder, skim milk powder(Including soy), cocoa butter, dried strawberries, emulsifier, (beet red, flavonoids), fragrance coloring
Price JPY120-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Meiji seika
Taste Strawberry taste chocolate & regular taste chocolate.
Food texture just normal firmness but shape is distinct


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