Jagachoco is mixed with chocolate & potato chips, save time but confusing taste

Jagachoco is mixed with chocolate & potato chips, save time but confusing taste (1) Bourbon
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Confusing taste snack

We, Japanese people normally don’t try to eat potato chip with chocolate because potato chips is salty and oppositely chocolate is sweet.

Not so many person can imagine these things are in mouth at the same time and still delicious.

Chocolate  tip cokkie is understandable. because chocolate and cookie is both sweet and we can imagine it must be delicious. Chips plus sour cream and onion flavor is understandable because both is salty. But potate chips with chocolate is ununderstandable.

so normal conservative big company never try to sell Chocolate potato chips.

So I was surprised when I see this snack. and I was confusing. And I thought it could not be delicious.

But I love chocolate, and I love potato chips too. I eat both often different opotunity. and internal voice said to me that if youeat “Jagachoco” , you can save time and money.

But I never think it give me good taste. but my internal voice said to me again.

Certainly dalty and sweet never good taste convination. but if both go into stomach, it’s same result.

So I reluctantly buy “Jagachoco”.

And I eat it.

Jagachoco’s Potato chips is delicious. Jagachoco’s chocolate is delicious.

But I still cannot say Jagachoco is delicious or not.

I am still confusing.

When you eat Jagachoco in future, please tell me your opinion.


















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Basic data

Product Name Jagachoco
Generic name Snack
Category chocolate snack
Recepie Fried potato mixed with chocolate
Price JPY141-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Bourbon
Taste Potato taste potato but Chocolate taste shocolate. I cannot recognise this Jagachoco mixed taste at the same time.
Food texture Crispy and bit oily chocolate
Calorie  201 kcal
Comment It’s a challenging taste ! you need courage to eat it !


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