galbo mini, this rich taste chocolate snack support Japanese economy

galbo mini, this rich taste chocolate snack support Japanese economy 8 Chocolate snack
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Looks and content is different

This is not ordinary chocolate snack.
First glance, it’s seem to be just a chocolate ball, but surprisingly inside is very soft gateau au chocolat soaked with chocolate.
same chocolate taste can be tasted differently by just one bite.

Soft soaked chocolate is coated with hard coating chocolate. and size is “one bite” size.

This chocolate is designed for Japanese business man.

we can throw it into mouse without staining by melted chocolate.

So we can eat it during office job.
Basically strict Japanese company ban to eat something during office hour except lunch time.

It means if we want to eat something during office hour, we must eat it secretly.

And Japanese business man must eat sweet during office our. Eating sweet during office hour is very important mission for Japanese business mans because we believe sweet snack give comfort feeling when we are very tired.

But we can not eat it openly during office hour. So some business man put these sweet in pencil case and eat it as if he don’t eat anything.

So this strong chocolate coating is very useful because it never melting in pencil case. And this size is good to throw it in mouth one time to pretend not eating.

This chocolate back up Japanese economy

And of course it is very rich taste. Two different taste and texture. Coating chocolate taste & gateau au chocolat chocolate taste unite in our mouth by just one bite.

This chocolate snack support hard working Japanese business man, and Japanese business man support our country.

If you see some Japanese products, please remind of this snack that support Japanese business man, and those Japanese products behind it.

and it support Japanese economy.


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Basic Data

Product Name:     gulbo mini
Generic name:     snack
Category:     chocolate snack
Recepie:     (Including soy) sugar, cocoa mass, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, eggs, flour, starch, cocoa powder, skim milk powder, syrup, emulsifier, brightening agent, sorbitol, fragrance
Price:     118 JPY
Brand:     Meiji seika
Taste:     two different chocolate taste give you rich feelingFood textureNobody knows this rich and strange and tasty crunchy texture.
Calorie2:     86 kcal
Weight:     72g
Comment:     it’s not ordinary chocolate snack. taste and texture is very unique.


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