Meiji milk chocolate, eternal pure chocolate bar made in Japan

Meiji milk chocolate, eternal pure chocolate bar made in Japan (1) Chocolate snack
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I am  chocoholic. I admit I sometime eat chocolate instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I can do that because now i am over 20 years old.

This chocolate, Meiji milk chocolate is basic, orthdocs, tradithional chocolate bar in Japan.

there are no funny point, no ornament, no luxury, no wastefulness. it’s just chocolate.

See this constraint package design.

But I don’t know why the word “meiji” is bigger than “chocolate”.

If chocolate word size become more bigger, sales will increase, i think. this is my marketing advice.


we can see the package phrase.

“We seek for pure taste, we are choosing material according this mission, and we enhance the traditional delicious taste, this chocolate is eternal pure chocolate.”

Jesus !


Let’s peep inside of package !


Now i peel off the package softly.


Oh my got ! even though I peel off package, there are another package under package.


this double package system  tantalize me.


Now I peel off another package slowly slowly.


What’s a beautiful color !




Taste ?

Sorry but I don’t eat chocolate by taste. I just eat chocolate because it is chocolate.

Basic data

Product NameMeiji Milk chocolate
Generic name  Chocolate
Categorychocolate bar
RecepieCacao & milk
TasteSweet and bit milky
Food textureif tempalature is cold, it’s hard, but tempalature is hot, it become soft.
CommentThis is basic chocolate bar in Japan. almost all japanese people have eaten.


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