Ibaragi Kenchinsoba (Soba Instant noodle. oil free fried noodle)

Ibaragi Kenchinsoba (Soba Instant noodle. oil free fried noodle) (17) Instant noodle
Japanese noodle type
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Instant noodle means normally Ramen (Chinese style noodle) in Japan.

Instant noodle = Instant Ramen

But recently  other noodle type has increasing. and it is very confusing especially for foreginers. I think someone should teach exact information about noodle culture in Japan, and me must be the one who tell you noodle culture in Japan because I love noodle and I am Japanese and I have time to do this boring and meaning less job.

ramen RamenChinese style wheat noodle This is the most popular noodle in Japan. There are lots of flavor and style.
SobaJapanese style buckwheat noodle This noodle is famous as healthy noodle. it don’t use oil for cooking.
udon UdonJapanese style thic wheat noodle This noodle is popular around Shikoku area in Japan.
harusame Harusamecellophane noodle This noodle is not so popular. or it is used as parts of big dish.
somen SoomenJapanese style thin noodle This noodle is eatn mainly in Summer season.
it is difficult to find out restaurant that have this noodle.
reimen ReimenKorean style cold noodle
hiyashichuka Hiyashi ChukaChilled ramen noodle This noodle is also eatn mainly in Summer season.
Lots of Ramen shop have this but it’s only Summer season.
yakisoba YakisobaFried chiese style noodle THis is fried noodle of Ramen. but taste is no relation to Ramen.
yakiudon YakiudonJapanese style fried noodle This is fried noodle of Udon. But taste is no rlation to Udo.
this taste is similar to Yakisoba.


This time Instant noodle is Soba type. and To make matters more complicated, This soba is Kenchin style soba in Ibaragi pref.

Maybe almost all foreginers need no more explanation about this. but you must understand that almost all japanese understand this complicated meaning.

and they think, it must be delicious instant noodle before eat it or before buy it. These complicated information control Japanese people7s hungry instinct.


This package tell you, it use no oil to fry noodle. and 6 topping inside. (Mountai potate, Tofu, Carot, Mashroom, burdock roots, Green onion)
And noodle is very special made.



This label tell you allergia information. This is very important information recently.

because some people die to eat such allergia food even if other people have no harm about it.


This section tell you how to cook this instant noodle.



There are seasoning packages in it.


Three seasonings. One is liquid soup, one is powder soup, and one is topping.


This is powder soup, this say we must add this after pour hot water and unstiffen noodle.


This is topping.Mountai potate, Tofu, Carot, Mashroom, burdock roots, Green onion)


This is liquid soup. this instruction say after pouring hot water, but it on the noodle cover and heat it with it.


This is before pouring hot water.


This is after pouring water and right before eat !


Let’s compare cover photo and real one!



This is inside of it. Can you check chiken and onion between rice ?


Basic data
Product Name Ibaragi Kenchin soba
Generic name  Instant noodle
Category Soba
Recepie Hot Soba with mountain potate, carot, mashroom, green onion,
Price JPY220- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Yamadai
Taste Soy source taste soup with soba noodle. and even though frease dry, topping vegitable is taste good.
Food texture If you don’t mistake dipping time, you can enjoy real soba experience.
Comment Instant noodle is said to be bad for health. Mainly it use lots of oil. But this instant noodle don’t use oil. and taste is good.


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