Omusubi omuraisu (omurice), Special Rice ball (Kechup flavor fried rice wrapped with Omelette)

Omusubi omuraisu (omurice), Special Rice ball (Kechup flavor fried rice wrapped with Omelette) (1) Daily Yamazaki
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Rice ball wrapped with egg

Rice ball (called “Omusubi or Onigiri etc) is one of the popular food for Japanese middle class people. Basically rice ball is wrapped with Nori (Dried laver seaweed).

But this special rice ball is wrapped with Omelette, and content is ketchup rice.

Basically kechup rice wrapped with omelette called “Omuraisu” in Japanese. this means Omelette + rice.  and we eat Omuraise  like omelette style.

This “omusubi omuraisu” is special rice ball or special omuraisu. It’s a Omuraisu portable version.

Now I am confusing gradually.

Anyway, it’s very delicious !


This label say 207 kcal, Protein is 5.8g, fat is 5.8g, Natriul is 630mg, Carb is 33g.

In case of heating, recomened recipe is 30 sec. by 500W microwave, 10 sec. by 1500W.


it say I must eat it until March 4 2013, 4 AM. and we must stock it under 20 degree C.



Red triangle tell us to pull down it. and we can open plastic film easily. it separate it from side to side.



This is inside of it. Can you check chiken and onion between rice ?


Basic data

Product Name: Omusubi Omuraisu
Generic name: Rice ball
Category: Rice ball
Recepie: Kechup fried rice wrapped with omelette style egg.
Price: JPY135- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: Daily Yamazaki
Taste: You can enojoy omlette taste and ketchup fried rice at the same time.
Food texture: Chiken rice (rice tased tomato ketchup, onion, egg plate)
Comment: I strongly recomend to try this rice ball. because no one dislike Omurice (Kechup rice wrapped omelette) . and we can enjoy it anywhere. this is recommended to warmed up by microwave.



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