Yamitsukiya Negidaku Tonkotsu, Japanese instant noodle engineer nearly surpass Madonna plastic surgery

Yamitsukiya Negidaku Tonkotsu, Japanese instant noodle engineer nearly surpass Madonna plastic surgery (10) Instant noodle
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Power of Negi (Green onion)

Negi is one of the most popular seasoning especially for Ramen noodle in Japan. Adding more negi make Ramen noodle the more delicious. But strangely it is disgusting taste if you eat only negi. When you eat it with Ramen noodle, it’s good.

it’s like the plastic surgery. only plastic surgery is disgusting, but it is very good if it is with Madonna. adding more plastic surgery make Madona make more good.

So I found out this instant noodle, I bought it in second because this instant noodle say that it with lots of Negi.


Negi daku means that too much green onion.
Negi is green onion, Daku means that too much.

Tonkotsu means pork back bone.
Pork back bone is very popular cooking parts for Ramen noodle.
But after finishing payment for this instant noodle, I start to be suspicious about this instant noodle.

because green onion is kind of vegetable. Vegetable is juicey meanwhile Instant noodle is basically very dried condition. I cannot imagine such juicey onion can be in instant noodle. But I believed in Japanese instant noodle engineer who produce this noodle. Believing is only what I could do at this time.




In the package, there are three seasoning.

1, powder soup
2, Liquid soup
3. Kayaku (freeze dried seasonings)



Amazingly this instant noodle have two different type soups seasoning. Why there are two ? it’s just instant noodle. only one is enough. But maybe Japanese instant noodle engineer tried to establish their ideal taste by mixing two different seasoning. The fact that these are two seasoning make my motivation explosion.

this is power soup,


and this is liquid soup.


3rd seasoning is this time main feature. it’s negi.
at a glance, green onion is not so much. it put me in anxiety. I spent money to taste too much negi. But see this quantity of negi, it’s not so much ! What happen to Japanese instant noodle engineer !

But I have opened package already. i cannot refund it. I accepted to eat it with regret.


But miracle happen ! after pouring hot water, and waited for 4 minute. and open cover package, I really surprised to see inside Negi. 3rd seasoning is swollen like Madonna face after plastic surgery. Plenty of negi spread on noodle surface.


Japanese instant noodle engineer never betray customer !

This negi condition is what I was hoping for. It completely satisfy my appetite instinct.


And yes, soup is also not bad ! I must say this instant noodle is luxury.

I can spend happy eating time with this instant noodle.


If you are negi lover, I recommend this instant noodle.

Eating video for you


Basic data

Product Name Yamitsukiya Negidaku Tonkotsu
Generic name Instant noodle
Category Tonkotsu soup
Recepie Tonkotsu taste with Negi and minced meat and sesame.
Price JPY220-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Toyo suisan co.,ltd
Taste pork back bone soup is very thick and mild and oily. Negi give flesh feeling in this pulpy soup.
Food texture Noodle is thin and bit wavy.
Comment Thin instant noodle can achieve real Ramen even though cheap price. Very good cost performance.


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