Taiwan ramen noodle is Japanese food? Maniac Nagoya taste Instant noodle.

Instant noodle
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Taiwan ramen noodle is Japanese food? political problem?

ダウンロードIf you don’t know Japanese language, you think this is one of Japanese instant noodle with spicy package design.

But actually it is really confusing instant noodle.

Because name of this instant noodle is “Taiwan Ramen”, it means “Taiwanese ramen noodle. And sub title says this taste is Nagoya taste. Nagoya is one of the big cities in Japan. So we can say this is Japanese taste Taiwanese ramen noodle.

You will say, “Japanese taste Taiwanese ramen noodle? I understand it. It’s not seemed to be so special. What is the surprising point?

Now I answer it.

Surprising point is Taiwan ramen noodle is only in Japan. You cannot eat Taiwan ramen noodle in Taiwan because it was created Taiwanese who live in Japan as Japanese food.

If you go to Taiwan and order Taiwan ramen noodle, Taiwan people cannot understand Taiwan ramen noodle.

Of course there are lots of ramen noodle in Taiwan. All ramen noodles in Taiwan are not Taiwan ramen noodle that Japanese people think.

And I must say this confusing ramen noodle is no relation with Chinese political problem. 😛

Story of Taiwan ramen noodle.

this Tainanese restaurant at Nagoya "Misen" invent Taiwan ramen in Japan.

this Tainanese restaurant at Nagoya “Misen” invent Taiwan ramen in Japan.

Taiwan ramen noodle is created by Taiwanese cook who is owner of Taiwan restaurant “Misen” in Nagoya.

Nagoya is famous for spicy miso. So this Taiwanese cook adds this spicy miso with ordinary Taiwan ramen noodle (Dan zai noodles).

And this Taiwan cooks master start to sell this ramen noodle as Taiwan noodle ramen even though such ramen noodle don’t exist in Taiwan.

Because this Taiwan ramen noodle is delicious, it spread gradually.

But sadly Nagoya district don’t have big influence in Japan, Taiwan ramen noodle become famous only in Nagoya and it become Nagoya’s local product.

Even now, lots of Japanese people think Taiwan ramen noodle is Taiwan’s product.

But Taiwan ramen noodle is Nagoya’s local product that is completely different to ramen noodle in Taiwan.

But these things are not big matter. It never is important thing.

How is this instant noodle?

On the top of package, small package is attached. This is seasoning oil. Basically seasoning package is inside. I don’t know why this instant noodle put it outside.
Package says we must put it after cooking.

And package says this dried noodle is not using oil (Non fly method). Maybe it is little bit healthy.

Contents of this instant noodle.

After opening package, you can see noodle with ingredients.

Freed dried meat, Chinese chive and chili pepper.

This red chili pepper gives me the spicy impression.

How is taste of this instant noodle?

This is original Taiwan ramen noodle by Misen.

This is original Taiwan ramen noodle by Misen.

When I poured hot water, it become red immediately.

But it is certainly spicy but not so too spicier.

And meat and Chinese chive is light but not so different to package picture.

And this spicy taste is mixed with miso. So it is very dense and mild spicy taste.

After several minuits, my forehead start to sweat.

This soup will go with rice ball.

Tell the truth, I have never eaten real Taiwan ramen noodle. It is difficult to find out ramen shop that have Taiwan ramen noodle in Tokyo.

Next time I go to Nagoya, I want to eat real Taiwan ramen noodle.

Eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name: Taiwan ramen
Generic name: Instant noodle
Category: Ramen noodle
Price: JPY195- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: Myojo
Weight: 89g
Calorie: 334kcal (33 min Jogging to burn)


Small package is attached on the top. this is seasoning oil.






it say this noodle is made by “steam non fried method”. I don’t know the detail but anyway it don’t use oil.


before pouring hot water is like this


Soup is red. ingredients is not so big quantity.


noodle is not so special. but soup is red. yes it’s spicy.


this is chinese chive


this is meet


this is red chili pepper




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