Bad manners naming snack, Ramen Babaa is beer’s partner

Bad manners naming snack, Ramen Babaa is beer's partner (1) Instant noodle
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I cannot say that name of this snack is elegance. Ramen babaa consist from two words, Ramen and Babaa. Ramen means noodle. it’s not bad manners. but Babaa is problem.

Babaa means old lady. But basically Babaa is used in middle class people. Babaa is never racist word nor politically-incorrect word. But I don’t recomend to use this word, especially you are friend of Japanese empelor family.

This snack have no relation to Babaa (old lady). I don’t know why they name it Babaa.

From marketing point of view, certainly this is not for elegant people but for middle calss. and Babaa word is familiar to middle class. So this naming is success to appeal middle class people.


I must say this illustration is not elegant. this say chiken taste.


This is back side of package. let’s go to see detail.


This is catch phrase of this product.

this say real noodle become this snack as it is. Delicious taste don’t stop to eat.

Please eat this as little snack or nibblies, you can eat it directly.


and this phrase is cautionary note, it say Never pour hot water directly in this package, because it is danger.

This snack is similar to instant noodle. so they are afraid people who try to eat it like instant noodle.


This is the snack. Delicious looking for you ?



Basic data
Product Name Ramen babaa
Generic name snak
Recepie Wheat flour, salt, soy source, chiken extract, and other miner seasoning.
Price JPY20-
(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Yocchan Shokuhin Kougyou
Taste salty
Food texture it’s like pasta before cooking.
Comment this is very cheap. and it’s good to eat with beer. Try it because it’s cheap !





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