Saya endou, :podded pea potato chip like healthy looking snack

Saya endou, :podded pea potato chip like healthy looking snack (5) Bland
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Saya endo chips is Safety food

Potato chip is one of popular snack for middle class people in Japan. Because it’s cheap but delicious. But lots of people regarded it unhealthy. I don’t know it’s really unhealthy or not. At least I think it more healthy than whale because we can eat it without Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s attack. It’s mentally healthy.

Now this is Saya endou shack is seem to be potate chip. It is made from Podded pea. this is the reason color is green.


Package says it’s contain full of alimentary fiber. and bland salty taste.


and back side package is appealing how this snack is healthy desperately.


This package insert say they use mainly canadian podded pea .



and this section say this snack contain full of alimentary fiber, protein adn Vitamin B1.


snack shape is similar to podded pea !


Eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name Saya Endou
Generic name  Snack
Recepie  deep fried podded pea
Price JPY129-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Calbee
Taste Salty and bit podded pea
Food texture dried surface and bit oily and  crispy
Comment We can eat this snack without sense of guilt because it give us healthy feeling evne thogh it’s like potate chip.


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