Future food? Drink? Weider in jelly Multi Mineral can satisfy hunger ?

Weider in jelly Multi Mineral can satisfy hunger ? (1) Drink
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I think if you don’t understand Japanese language, have nomal brain, you must think this of this drink as some motor oil or something.

or even if you can read japanese language, you cannot recoginse what is this product name.

Charge go ? In ? Multi Mineral ? Weider ?

This product is really difficult, complicated and misunderstandable drink.

Yes, this is drink, but it’s not liquid. it’s jelly.

It’s really complicated and misunderstandable product.



Package say this contain five mineral.

Iron, Calcium, Zinc and Copper. (in Japanese)

Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Copper and mMagnesium (in English)


Yes, it’s 5 minerals name in English, but it’s only 4 minerals name in Japanese.

it’s ununderstandable.





Carbohydrates 16g
Natriul 1-10mg
Calsium ?
Copper 0.2mg
Zinc 2.3mg
Iron 2.5mg
Magnesium 35mg



Tap is very futuristic.



This is jelly drink. mild pink color.


Taste is not bad.



Lots of people say this is good for emergency food. but I don’t know this really ease hunger.

at least this package is not so delicious looking.

It seem to be not healthy but it say it contain minimum nutrition, and we can take it efficiantly.

it must be future food.


Basic data
Product Name Weider in Jelly multi mineral in
Generic name  Soft drink
Category  Jerry
Price JPY210-
Brand Morinaga
Taste bit sweet and grape taste
Food texture watery jelly
Comment Taste is not bad.


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