Ramune tablet isn’t not for drug dealer nor Terrorist weapon, Snack for Child

Ramune tablet isn't not for drug dealer nor Terrorist weapon, Snack for Child (1) Drink
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Is this terrolist weapon ? chemical attack tablet ?

This strange shape and vivid unnatural color case seem to be new chemical weapon to kill innocent people by Terrolist.

I don’t recommend to keep this when you go through NY airport security gate if you don’t want to be taking off your wet yellow pants surrounded by cautious airport officers.


When you open the cover and take small white tablets, you misunderstand you are very bad drug dealer. But it is completely opposite. This tablet is for pure child.

Reason of this strange shape

The reason why this talet case is strange is it’s imitation of Ramune juice.


What is Ramune juice ?


Ramune is very popular drink in Japan. It’s Japanese sweet soda like Coke. This special bottle shape can keep corbonation pressure. Someday I will introduce this drink in this Jap food online.


This name is from lemonade. You know Japanese people cannot recognize difference of L & R pronounciation. We still believe we say lemonade, but actually Ramune.


You never know that lots of Japanese very old soldiers are still waiting for the command of Japanese emperor to beat up USA army at Parlor Bar. Maybe they are drinking Ramune at Palor bar.


And this tablet is imitation of this drink. Taste is sweet cider flavor.



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Basic Data

Product Name: Ramune
Generic name: Snack
Category: Tablet snack
Recepie (Including gelatin in a part of the raw materials): glucose, tapioca starch, milk calcium, acidulant, emulsifiers, fragrance,
Price: 75JPY
Brand: Morinaga
Taste: Sweet and bit mint taste
Food texture: Hard
Calorie: 110kcal
Weight: 29g
Comment: It’s unique taste and unique shape case. Fun to see and fun to eat


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