Nissin no Donbei Yaki udon is menu misrepresentation ! but delicious, easy cooking and cheap.

Nissin no Donbei Yaki udon is menu misrepresentation ! but delicious, easy cooking and cheap. (1) Instant noodle
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not faithful naming, just confusing

This name is “Nisshin no Donbei Yaki-udon”. Nisshin is brand name. “no” is “is”. “Donbei” is a fictitious character name. Yaki-udon is food name. it means flied udon.

Basically we eat udon by boiling. Boiled udo is basic cooking. Yaki udon is flied udon. Yaki means fly. Yaki-udon is unusual cooking. So it is difficult to find out yaki udon restaurant. But yaki-udon is loved by middle class people. So Nissin make Yaki-udon type instant noodle.

But tell the truth, this is yaki-udon is not yaki-udon. It means that flied udon is not cooked by flying.
This yaki-udon’s cooking procedure is this.

1, open the cover
2, pour hot water
3, wait for five minutes
4, drain hot water
5, put souce
6. eat it.

It means we just boil udon. So Nissin should not say “Yaki-udon”. They tell a lie.
It’s a menu misrepresentation ! it bluff the customers with false menu descriptions

But strangely no Japanese people complain about this except me. Maybe I am crazy or all Japanese are crazy.

Anyway it’s delicious and easy to cook

Even though is false menu description, I must admit it’s very delicious with easy simple step.

Amazingly vegetable is also in it. Yes, it is considered nutiritonal balance. This instat noodle give us good eating opportunity considering nutritional balance & .delicious taste with cheap price and easy cooking step.


this is top view


Front view


it says spice flavor and okonomi souce taste. Maonnaise is attached.



this is ideal cooking picture.



back side


it is content explanation


I ripped off the vinyl cover.

and there are cooking instrouction on the inside cover.

we must read carefully to success instant noodle cooking.



this is liquid souce


this is mayonaise



I am not good at reading instruction. but I make effort to read it. just for good eating.


this part is kind of Campaing. it lead us to access their web site.

strategic marketing.



And I poured hot water & waited 5 minutes

and I open the cover



Now I must drain hot water.

i rip off drain system part.




and I drain hot water like this.



Now boild udon is complete. and I start to put flavors.



at first, i put wocester souce.


and I put mayoneise


Now I finish cooking. compare cover photo and real one.



Eating Video for you

Basic Data #colspan#
Product Name Nissin no Donbei Yakiudon
Generic name Instant noodle
Category Yaki udon
Recepie Cabbage, carrot., noodle and wooster souce and mayonaise
Price 170 JPY
Brand Nissin
Taste Favorite source is salty-sweet dense, Spice. Mayonnaise in the Appendix.
Food texture “three-layer thick straight manufacturing method”, thick and straight noodles The tangled well source, also meet is enough to eat.
Calorie 516 kcal
Weight 121g
Comment wooster sauce and mayonaise are tangle with udon noodle. it give us incredible delicious harmony in our mouth.


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