Jukudaki Hakata Tonkotsu, one of the most deliciouest instant noodle ever

Jukudaki Hakata Tonkotsu, one of the most deliciouest instant noodle ever (1) Instant noodle
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Outline of this instant noodle

Name of Jukudaki Hakata Tonkotsu means is Hakata style Deep boiled pork born soup. Jukudaki means deep boil. Tonkotsu means pork born. Hakata is name of place where is famous as Tonkotsu soup noodle.

And this instant noodle try to recreat real Hakata tonkotsu noodle by instant noodle.  and this instant noodle is one of the most deliciouest instant noodle. Even Japanese professional noodle freak admit this taste, i think.

Great point is this.

  1.  noodle is recreated real original noodle
  2. Soup is is recreated real original noodle
  3. Seasoning and topping is full-blown.

all three points are perfect and still price is only 210 yen. It’s incredible cost performance.

About Noodle.

Real Hakata tonkotsu noodle is very thin noodle and straight type. this instant noodle is recreated perfectly. Looking, color and noodle firmness is almost same as original Hakata tonkotsu noodle.

This noodle enable it to tangle with tasty soup.

About  Soup

Soup is the most important element in Ramen noodle. Hakata tonkotsu noodle’s soup is  made by long time process and painful procedure. so it is very deep and comlicated taste. it is impossible to realize real taste of tonkotsu soup by instant noodle soup.

But this noodle try to close up it by mixing with two different material soup, powder soup and liquid soup. and it success to produce nearly real taste of Hakata tonkotsu soup.

Real Tonkotsu suop take several days to make it. but this instant noodle can make similar taste with just couple minutes. Amaizing.

About Seasoning and topping

This instant noodle seasonig is

  • Chaashuu (barbecued pork)
  • Negi
  • Sesame
  • Benishoga (pickled ginger)

These seasoning is not so strong influence to whole noodle, but it make us excited. and this instant noodle’s seasoning is enough quantity for that purpose.


This instant noodle is very good. but I still recommend to go to actual noodle restaurant to eat Tonkotsu noodle. But if you have no time to go and no opotunity and no money, this instant noodle become substitute.




this is about content and material of this instant noodle.

and it says it don’t contain synthetic colorant nor synthetic preservatives added.


this is allergia information.


this is cooking instruction.

if you cannot read Japanese language, you will get nervous.

but don’t worry, this is just a instant noodle. Pouring hot water  and that’s all.


there are three seasoning inside like this.



this is liquid soup. it say we must add it after pouring hot water. and during dipping dried noodle by hot water, put it on the package and worm it up for best taste experience.


this is powder soup. it must also be added after pouring hot water.


This is seasonin and topping.


babecued pork and negi and sesame.


And this is noodle before pouring hot water.


I put seasoning and topping on this dried noodle


and I poured hot water. now I shut the top cover. and during waiting, I put liquid soup on it.




and after several minutes, I put powder soup and liquid soup in it and stir up.

let’s compare the package image picture and real one !

poor looking ? yes, it is.


THis is chashuu, babecued pork.


certainly it’s poor looking. I admit it. but soup is creamy and pork bone taste.  taste is very good !


Eating Video for you

Basic data

Product NameSugomen Jukudaki Tonkotsu
Generic nameInstant noodle
CategoryTonkotsu ramen
RecepieFired rice ball, adding Worcester sauce fravor
PriceJPY210-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
BrandNew touch/Yamadai
Taste soup is creamy and pork bone taste.  taste is very good !
Food textureThin noodle is good firmness.
Calorie359 kcal
Commentthis is really good taste as a instant noodle. I strongly recomend to eat it.


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