Instant noodle for Male mady by Beautiful lady cooking expert. “Otoko no ippai”

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Why this instant noodle is for guys ?

This instant noodle, “Otoko no ippai” means One bowl for Guy. According to the explanation of package, Ms.Yuki Morisaki who is food expert make this instant noodle only for guy.
Basically more guys than girls eat instant noodle. So it is not bad marketing idea that beautiful lady is featured as this product director. this lady’s smile stimulate our eating instinct.

This instant noodle’s taste is “Dense pork borne soup with black hempseed oil”. Dense pork borne soup is very popular noodle soup for guy.

Yuki Morisaki, food expert A347_I2 20130218_takashima_20

this is Yuki Morisaki, food expert who made this instant noodle.

This package is wraped with vinyl and this “OPEN” sticker help to unwrape this vinyl smoothly.


By pulling this sticker, we can unwrap vinyle at the same time, we can re-use this sticker to keep shutting top cover after pouring hot water in instant noodle.


This is front view.



This silver pack is black hempseed oil.



Package say please add this immediately before starting to eat.



This beautiful lady is Ms.Yuki Morisaki, who is food expert. she says “I think hard to make this instant noodle for Guys. This is my self confident works. If you eat one time, you become addict.”

and if you flip over the top cover, you can see her hand writing message.


this is botom view. there is expire date. we must eat it until 8 May 2013.


this is opening tab.



There is hand writing message on back side. it says “I practiced Classic Ballet. So my body is very flexible. Not only I can do Y figure pose, but also I figure pose”

I must say, “So what ?”


there are dried meet and green onion.


After pouring hot water, dried meet and green onion become juicy.


and I add hempseed oil. black one is that.


You can compare the package image and real one.


Now my eating time.


After eating, you can take off the package easily. and you can separate plastic and paper. In Japan we have strict rule for trash. we must separate incombustible trash and combustible one.



Eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name Otoko no ippai
Generic name Instant noodle
Category Tonkotsu soup (Dense)
Recepie Tonkotsu taste with Negi and minced meat, black hempseed oil.
Price JPY190-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Sanyo shokuhin co.,ltd
Taste pork back bone soup is very dense and Black hempseed oil give garlic smell.
Food texture Noodle is thin and bit wavy.
Comment Dense pork bone soup is not so good for health, but this is the reason, very good taste. this must be Guy’s instant nood really.


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