Michelin class taste instant salt flavor fried noodle with sea foods & vegetables, “Ore no Shio” by Toyo suisan.

Instant noodle
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Origin of this instant noodle name

This instant noodle name, “Ore no shio” means My salt.  “Ore no” means “my” & “Shio” means salt. maybe you think it’s strange name.

This name remind Japanese people that two things. One is name of one manga, “Ore no sora”. this manga dashing guy’s story. “Ore no sora”. this means My sky.

This is Manga, "Ore no sora".

This is Manga, “Ore no sora”.

another thing is name of restaurant chain, “Ore no Italian”, “Ore no French”, “Ore no Yakitori” , “Ore no kappou”, “Ore no Yakiniku”etc…. This restaunrants  chain is very popular in Japan now because we can eat very delicious food with very cheap price. Owner of this restaurant chain says “Concept of this “Ore no” restaurant chain is cheap price but Michelin class dish.

Maybe this company marketing team try to use this restaurant chain image. They maybe want to say that this instant noodle is Michelin class taste.

But don’t expect too much. it’s just a Instant noodle that we can buy it with a few dollars.

This is top view.


Side view.




Bottom view. there are some nutrition information.


And I rip off plastic cover.

there are lots of pictures and text. these are instruction how to cook.

Yes, it’s just instant noodle. just pouring hot water is all thing what it need. but maybe Michelin class instant noodle need very complex instruction.


It says at first, after open top cover, we must pick out three small package. Top cover peel off between A line and B line. and three small package is three different kind packages.


Second, put seasoning on the noodle and pour hot water according to water level line marked inside.


Third, rip off C parts slowly according to arrowed line.


Fourth, hold corner of package firmly, and lean slowly and drain hot water from drain hall. (Be careful burn injury)


Fifth, ripp off top cover completely and add liquid seasoning source softly, after that, add powder seasoning sauce. and Please eat it.


Now you can understand all cooking process of this instant noodle.



These are three different kinds small seanoning packeges.


This is noodle before pouring hot water.


This is freeze dry sea seasoning. (See food & vegetable)


scollop, sea weed, carrot and cabege and green onion.


After pouring hot water inside, we must rip off this C part. this is drain hall cover.


This is drain hall to drain hot water.




I add liquid & powder seasoning sauce.


and scramble up with chop stick.


This is scollop.


Excuse me sir, Now ready to eat this Michelin class instant noodle !




Eating video for you


Basic data
Product Name Ore no shio
Generic name Instant noodle
Category Fried noodle
Recepie Salt fravor Fried noodle (Actually boiled noodle) with sea foods and vegitable.
Price JPY170-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Toyo suisan co.,ltd
Taste  Salty and sea food taste.
Food texture  Weavy noodle is tangle with seasonings and sauce.
Comment This fried noodle is not so oily and taste is plain. But you can taste sea foods and vegetable and salt flavored fried noodle. Inspite of instant noodle, you can enjoy healthy taste food feeling.


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