Instant noodle, Beef solt taste soup & RAW-TYPE feeling noodle, “Menshokunin” by NISSIN

Instant noodle
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Dried noodle but raw-type feeling noodle

This name, “Menshokunin” means that noodle draft man in English. it means that this noodle apeal point is noodle.

Package explanation says that it’s like a raw-type noodle. certainly some instant noodle use raw type noodle even though it’s instant noodle. but in case of this instant noodle, noodle is dried noodle.

basically it’s very very difficult to realize raw-type feeling just by pouring hot water.

But recently some Japanese instant noodle company invent special technique and we can enjoy raw-type feeling even though it’s just an instant noodle.

this noodle is also successful as raw-type instant noodle.

Interesting taste soup! beef salt taste?

and this instant noodle’s soup is beef salt taste soup in according to package explanation.

such taste is not so popular in Japan. it’s very challenging taste.

It sound oily but it’s not so oily taste.

and surprisingly ingredients are erabolated.

it contain beef meat and green onion and tiny templa ball and red pepper.

I think you should eat this instant noodle instead of going to ramen shop.

eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name: Menshokunin Gyushiojitate
Generic name: Instant noodle
Category: Ramen noodle
Price: JPY170- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: Nissin
Weight: 86g
Calorie: 309kcal (31 min Jogging to burn)




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