Suppaiman is sweet dried plum. Not mummy but look like mummy.

Suppaiman is sweet dried plum. Not mummy but look like mummy (4) Snack
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It’s not serious food? name is joking you.

Tell the truth, this sweet snack name, “Suppaiman” is very not serious name.

Or I must say it is ignorant naming.

this name is made up of two words. one is Suppai and the other is Man.
Suppai means sour. Man means male human.

Yes, if Suppaiman is translated in English, that name is “Sour male human”.
If this company is serious, they stuck mummy in this package instead of dried plum.

How can you be serious with this name !

And I must tell you the truth now. Even though it say Suppai (Sour), this is sweet !
Yes. This snack name cheat customers.


This must be real Suppaiman according to the meaning of Suppaiman in Japanese.
Please stop to cheat customer by stupid naming.

But I don’t care, because Suppaiman is very delicious !

Suppaiman is sweet dried plum





You can see scissors picture. this tell you where you cut.



If you can cut successfully, you can use jip again and again. it’s useful.





These are not mummy, but dried plum.
it looks very bad,but it taete extrordinally good !


It’s very delicious but be caureful ! it contain seed that is very hard. (right one is it.)

Eating video for you

Basic data
Product Name Suppaiman
Generic name  Dried plum
Category sweet snack
Recepie Dry up plum and put sweet taste on it.
Price JPY157- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Uemakashiten
Taste softly sweet.
Food texture It’s like a mummy.
Comment  Appearance is grotesque, but taste is very nice. Some pregnant woman love this snack.


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