ULTRAMAN figure with Ice coffee (DyDo Brend black, Muto(sugarless)

ULTRAMAN figure with Ice coffee (DyDo Brend black, Muto(sugarless) 12 Drink
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Coffee or toy ?

When I walked in Convinience store to wet my dried throat, I find out Ice coffee bottle with ULTRAMAN figure.

Usually this season, Japanese drink company try to sell Ice coffee bottle with small present to promote Ice coffee sales before Summer Ice drink season.

Their maketing strategy is like this.

1. Summer is comming > Lots of people will buy ice drink

2. We need to make people our company’s product.

3. Let’s make effort to produce Good taste, high quality coffee that people will want to buy again and again

3. Let’s make effort to control people’s behavior to buy our product.

4. Sell our products with small present that is completely no relation with our product but people hope to get more than our product.

5. If people buy our product one time, people must buy our produtct repeatedly in this Summer season.

6. and several drink company start to sell Ice coffee with small present before Summer season.

I think there are some big marketing mistake in this process. but I am also so stupid that I bought this Ice coffee bottle.

or exactlly saying, I got small present by paying money for this ice coffee.




This figure is what I want !, URTRAMAN !


Small booklet with explanation about this character enhance my possessive instinct.


Surprisingly this figure can run with pull back action, in addition that they can not only run ground but also water !


Can you recognise ? this picture is floating on the water !


Now I don’t know what I did about my ice coffee.

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Basic data

Product Name: Blend Black, Deep Rich
Generic name: Can coffee
Category: Coffee
Recepie: Dubble ten blend coffee beans are used
Price: JPY147- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: DyDo Drinko
Weight: 400g
Taste: Bitter and ice
Food texture: Blacl liquid
Comment: I think this small present is maybe more expensive than this coffee.


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