The most awful & bad taste snack in Japan, Pepsi coke taste corn snack

The most awful & bad taste snack in Japan, Pepsi coke taste corn snack (2) Drink
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Why this is there ?


When I go to grocery store, I found Pepsi coke package in corn snack area. I confused for a while because Pepsi package can be seen only at drink area or we never see Pepsi package at corn snack area until now in Japanese grocery store.


Certainly there are lots of taste corn snack in Japan. Salt taste, Consomme taste, Tacos taste, Wasabi taste, Piza taste, BBQ taste etc… all these taste are understandable and rational.

Because we can easilly imagine that “potate + Consomme = good taste” or “Potate + BBQ = good taste” etc.

But I think these are not human who can think that “Potate + Pepsi = good taste”.

But  believe or not, Pepsi taste corn snack is sold in this grocery store. Even though I don’t want to accept this strange snack existence, this is there. at that time, I understand the christan people’s feeling  who found out crucifixion Jesus.

Why I bought it ?

I know this must be bad taste, awful food. But strangely I cannot stop concering it. This must be never good taste. This never be nutrious. This is very unhealthy. Please tell me, who buy such worthless snack by spending valuable my money.

But you know I bought it at last.

I cannot explain logically why I spend money to such stupid food.


The name of this snack is, “Shuwa Shuwa Cola aji” in Japanese. it means “schwa schwa coke taste”. Shuwa is echoic word. and it never be used with corn snack normally.


Package say when you throw it in your mouth, corn snack popping like schwa schwa. this is surprising snack.

Enjoy refreshing Pepsi coke sweet taste.



I open package. inside corn snack seem to be quite ordinaly normal corn snack.


Color and surface is also basic corn snack.




And I throw it in my mouth with courage even though this must be awful taste.

Tell the truth, I regret to buy and regret to put it in my mouth when I taste it.

it is exactly schwa schwa feeling same as drinking popsi coke, but it accompany with salty corn snack taste.

and as I imagined, this is really bad taste.

My advice.

When you eat this disgusting corn snack, I recommend you empty your stomack because schwa schwa happen not only in your mouth, but also in your stomack.

I love Pepsi coke, I like to eat corn snack, but I run away if I am force to eat Peopi coke taste snack in future.

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Basic data

Product Name: Schwa schwa cola aji
Generic name: Snack
Category:  corn snack
Recepie: corn snack & coke flavor
Price: JPY125-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: Japan Frito-Lay LtdTasteexactly corn snack taste with coke flavor
Food texture: at first schwa feeling spread in mouth. after that ordinally corn snack feeling.
Comment: This snack is good for gift for punished people.


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