Curry bread (Curry pan) is popular Japanese food for middle class. (6) Bread
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Delicious but cheap, ideal middle class food

One of the most popular bread in Japan is “Curry bread”(called Curry pan in Japanese), or I can say one of the most popular curry is Curry bread. Strangely, bread is not Japanese food and curry is not neither Japanese food. But Curry bread is Japanese food.

The reason why so curry bread is popular is that it’s very delicious.

Interesting point is this is not like a bread. if you are first time to see it, you must to recognise is as croquette. or nobody get angry if we change it’s name to curry croquette. or we should have named it as curry croquette. Maybe the Japanese who make curry bread confuse bread and croquette, and mistakingly start to call it curry bread (curry pan).

But name is not our interest. if it’s cheap and delicious, we don’t care name. Most important thing here is that we must know the existence of curry bread that is similar to croquette.

If you don’t notice curry bread and lost the chance to buy curry bread, it means that you lost very important Japanese middle class food culture experience.

Life is short and money is limited, Curry bread is very cost effective Japanese food. When you come to Japan, go to find curry bread and try it.

This is curry bread !


there are lots of explanation in backside. but don’t care it. don’t affraid to eat it.

it is better to memorise the telephone number on backside.
If dead insect in curry bread, this telephone number is what call to.


Before eating curry bread, don’t gorget to slip out vnyl package. you cannot eat it. just throw away.


What a beautiful looking. but if you have no knowlege about curry bread, you will mistake it as croquette.


this is after biting it.


this is inside of curry bread.


Deep brown color is curry. Curry is always seem to be excretory substance.
but taste is good.


Eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name Curry pan
Generic name Bread
Recepie Deep fried bread, curry inside
Price JPY116-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Shikishimaseipan
Taste Out side is mild but inside is spice.
Food texture Bit oily
Comment You can find out curry bread in almost all grocery store, and lots of company make curry bread. avarage price is about 1 dollar. I recommend it to eat it.


  1. This reminds me of spam musubi in Hawaii — combining fast food from the mainland US and fast food from Japan to make something that nobody from the mainland US or Japan would think of making.

  2. Corpus Martinez says:

    Similar to Mexican “Enamorado” (man in love) sweet

  3. I love curry bread.

  4. Justin>you know we have curry noodle too. and this is also such other country’s culture mix. Japan is terrible.

    Gerard> You must be middle class!… me. 🙂

  5. Middle class, yeah that would be me!

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