Strange shape snack’s chocolate have two layer system, wonderful taste !

Chocolate snack
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Kinokonoyama (Mushroom mountain) by Meiji, Chocolate cnack.

Even if you cannot understand Japanese language, you can know what is this chocolate snack.

this unique shape is of course……….no, no, It’s mushroom.

This chocolate snack is very popular in Japan.

In childhood, almost all children eat this with special procedure.

  1. Pinch it with stalk.
  2. Lick chocolate part at first
  3. and eat stalk

Almost all Japanese people do this special eating procedure. I don’t know why. What are you thinking ?

Surprising point is not that but this chocolate part is two layer system !

What a advanced technology it is  ! this make this snack dainty.




back side package tell you out side chocolate is Cacao taste and inside chocolate is milk taste.



this is built in pull tab.



There are welcome message inside.


and this is snack !


Horribly some snack’s stalk is chopped off ! scaring !


How sweet look ! and now I start to lick chocolate part !


Eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name:  Kinokonoyama
Generic name:  snak
Category:  Chocolate snack
Recepie:  Two layer chocolate and cracker
Price:  JPY160- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand:  Meijiseika
Taste:  Sweet, chocolate taste
Food texture:  You can enjoy two different food textures. one is soft chocolate and another is hard cracker.
Comment:  it’s very popular snack in Japan. Let’s try.


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