Ace cook “Ootsubu Seabura Gyokai Shio Ramen” (Big drop backfat lard with seafood type salt soup noodle)

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Very maniac taste soup

If you don’t have Japanese Ramen noodle trend knowledge, you cannot understand this instant noodle instantly, because this noodle name is too maniac and very cutting edge taste.

Former time, Japanese Ramen noodle have only four tastes, Miso soup, salt soup, Soy source soup & Pork bone soup. these four taste was standard.

But one day, maniac ramen noodle creator start to mix each taste, soy source pork bone soup, or Miso pork bone soup or salt pork bone soup. and such mixed soup taste have became standard.

And more maniac ramen noodle creator start to add something to those mixed soup taste ramen noodle.

One ramen noodle creator add sea food taste, other ramen creator add curry or tomato or lard etc…

Recently each year we can see new taste ramen in Japan.

And this instant ramen noodle taste is very cutting edge taste. This kind of taste never exist few year ago.

But almost all Japanese can think this instant noodle is delicious by seeing this name. It must be very complicated taste. But we Japanese can easily imagine delicious taste in our heart.

Japanese advanced technology  is being used, ……maybe.

But how can  this ramen noodle realize this difficult taste within this instant condition?

Japanese people easily buy this noodle just by seeing the name. Because this name catch our heart definitely. But if this noodle don’t taste like that name, we get angry.

If creator is in kitchen studio of hilton hotel, he can creat such complicated and difficult taste ramen noodle soup. But this is just a instant noodle ! I don’t think this instant noodle can give us such taste according to that noodle name.

tell the truth, I bought this instant noodle doubtfully.

And now I must apologize this instant ramen noodle company for my spiteful purchase. because this instant noodle is extremely delicious!

When I open the package cover, I surprised. because it contain three kind of seasoning. One is powder soup, one is liquid soup and one is dried vegitable & meat.

these three kind seasoning creat this ideal taste instant noodle in this instant situation.

I cannot believe I can buy it only JPY230-.

I feel sorry for that you cannot eat this. But I show you lots of picture and video of this.

Please enjoy this instant noodle.









this contain three seasonings



this is backfat lard.













 Eating video for you


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