Mildl sweet & soft snak decayed tooth can bite, Dried wheat gluten snack

FU-BO-san tarou, Dried wheat gluten snack (6) Snack
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FU-BO-san tarou, Dried wheat gluten snack

If you still have tooth but tooth is frangible because of tooth decay, you it’s time to stop to eat sweet snack. But you cannot help stopping to eat sweet snack and this is the reason you have decayed tooth.

Now it’s good news to you because you can eat this sweet snack with your frangible tooth. Why ? because this “FU-BO-san tarou” is easy to chew, and it fill up your “hanger for sweet”.




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Basic data

Product Name Fu-Bo-san tarou
Generic name   Dried wheat gluten snack
Category sweet snack
Recepie Dry gluten wheat and cover it with sugar.
Price I don’t know exact price but don’t worry, it’s cheap.
Brand Yaokin
Taste Softly sweet
Food texture You can bite with decayed tooth
Comment Price is low comparing to the size because it’s contain lots of air in food.  so you can enjoy money saving feeling.


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