Instant noodle Main dish Myojo UCC

Long name instant noodle, oil free wantan inside. Soy source taste soup

Incredible long name instant noodle

This isntant noodle is really long name. Name is this.

“Korezo wantan! Toiukurai An wo Tappuri tsutsunda wantan men”

Do you know why is this name is long ?
it want to emphasis it’s sales point.

This product’s name is shortly Wantan men (wantan noodle). this is enough.

But it want to say, there are lots of Wantan contain lots of an.

Wantan is Chinese cuisines. and an is container of An, an is minced pork.

About wantan

Wontons are made by spreading a square wrapper (a dough skin made of flour, egg, water, and salt)[1][2] flat in the palm of one’s hand, placing a small amount of filling in the center, and sealing the wonton into the desired shape by compressing the wrapper’s edges together with the fingers. Adhesion may be improved by moistening the wrapper’s inner edges, typically by dipping a fingertip into water and running it across the dry dough to dissolve the extra flour. As part of the sealing process, air is pressed out of the interior to avoid rupturing the wonton from internal pressure when cooked.

The most common filling is ground pork with a small amount of flour added as a binder. The mixture is seasoned with salt, spices, and often garlic or finely chopped green onion. Factory-made, frozen varieties are sold in supermarkets. Commonly, they are handmade at the point of sale in markets or small restaurants by the proprietor while awaiting customers. In markets, they are sold by the unit, without being pre-cooked.

quote from wiki pedia.

Do you understand wantan ? If you undestand wantan you understand that it is really surprising thing that we can eat Wantan just by pouring hot water. and this Wanta is succulent.

This is the reason it want to emphasis it contain lots of Wantan.

Meaning of product name.

“Korezo wantan! Toiukurai An wo Tappuri tsutsunda wantan men”

Korezo Exclamation This is it !
Wantan! Noun Wantan
toiukurai Conjunction tend to mean that
An Noun container of wantan, minced pork
Wo Conjunction
tappuri Adjective Fully, Fullness
tsutsunda Adjective contained
Wantan men Noun Wantan noodle

and this product name is like this.

This is it, Wantan noodle  that have lots of Wantan fully containing minced pork.

Now fasten your seat belt, and let’s go to see the incredible Wantan (instant)!


Package says that,

1. you can cook 4 min by pouring hot water.

2. product is fried without oil, they call it “super non fried cooking “.

3. They don’t use artificial coloring, artificial preservative things.

4. oil free Wantan that include minced pork.

5. it is 279 cal.


Package is covered with vinyl.


This is name of this product.


this tell you allergy information and nourishment information and cautionary note.



This tell you content organization, cooking instruction and cautionary note.


Even if this cautionary note is picture illustration, you cannot understand it.

One is “be careful for burn injury”. Second is “Don’t cook it by microwave!. last one is difficult one.


It means be careful to putting smell.

This caution need some explanation.

Before time, some customer claim that instant noodle smell insecticide spray. this claim become social social problem.

and investigation organization research this cause. and at last, investigation organization give us conclusion about this problem.

The reason that noodle is insecticide spray smell is that this noodle had been put near insecticide spray.

This plastic vessel sometime go through smell.

from this affair, instant noodle company start to put this caution on the package.



This is opening pull-tab.


Now open. there are some seasoning packages and WANTAN !


There are two seasoning. orange package is powder soup, green is liquid soup.


This pack man tell you you can open to cut anywhere.


and this is that WANTAN. how neatly folded, as a art. it’s like a origami or something.


I compare original one to package picture.


This is powder soup.


I put it in noodle according to cooking instruction.


and pour hot water and waited 4 min.



This is right after cooking, finished cooking.


This is juicy Wantan.







Eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name Korezo wantan! Toiukurai An wo Tappuri tsutsunda wantan men
Generic name  Instant noodle
Recepie  Soy source taste noodle with Wantan.
Price JPY170-
(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Myojo
Taste soup is soy souce, wantan is pork taste
Food texture Noodle is frizzy, wantan is juicy.
Comment It’s quite incredible that we can eat wantan just by pouring hot water. taste is neally real wantan.
Bland Calbee Snack

Saya endou, :podded pea potato chip like healthy looking snack

Saya endo chips is Safety food

Potato chip is one of popular snack for middle class people in Japan. Because it’s cheap but delicious. But lots of people regarded it unhealthy. I don’t know it’s really unhealthy or not. At least I think it more healthy than whale because we can eat it without Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s attack. It’s mentally healthy.

Now this is Saya endou shack is seem to be potate chip. It is made from Podded pea. this is the reason color is green.


Package says it’s contain full of alimentary fiber. and bland salty taste.


and back side package is appealing how this snack is healthy desperately.


This package insert say they use mainly canadian podded pea .



and this section say this snack contain full of alimentary fiber, protein adn Vitamin B1.


snack shape is similar to podded pea !


Eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name Saya Endou
Generic name  Snack
Recepie  deep fried podded pea
Price JPY129-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Calbee
Taste Salty and bit podded pea
Food texture dried surface and bit oily and  crispy
Comment We can eat this snack without sense of guilt because it give us healthy feeling evne thogh it’s like potate chip.
Drink Morinaga

Future food? Drink? Weider in jelly Multi Mineral can satisfy hunger ?

I think if you don’t understand Japanese language, have nomal brain, you must think this of this drink as some motor oil or something.

or even if you can read japanese language, you cannot recoginse what is this product name.

Charge go ? In ? Multi Mineral ? Weider ?

This product is really difficult, complicated and misunderstandable drink.

Yes, this is drink, but it’s not liquid. it’s jelly.

It’s really complicated and misunderstandable product.



Package say this contain five mineral.

Iron, Calcium, Zinc and Copper. (in Japanese)

Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Copper and mMagnesium (in English)


Yes, it’s 5 minerals name in English, but it’s only 4 minerals name in Japanese.

it’s ununderstandable.





Carbohydrates 16g
Natriul 1-10mg
Calsium ?
Copper 0.2mg
Zinc 2.3mg
Iron 2.5mg
Magnesium 35mg



Tap is very futuristic.



This is jelly drink. mild pink color.


Taste is not bad.



Lots of people say this is good for emergency food. but I don’t know this really ease hunger.

at least this package is not so delicious looking.

It seem to be not healthy but it say it contain minimum nutrition, and we can take it efficiantly.

it must be future food.


Basic data
Product Name Weider in Jelly multi mineral in
Generic name  Soft drink
Category  Jerry
Price JPY210-
Brand Morinaga
Taste bit sweet and grape taste
Food texture watery jelly
Comment Taste is not bad.
Chocolate snack Meiji seika

Meiji milk chocolate, eternal pure chocolate bar made in Japan

I am  chocoholic. I admit I sometime eat chocolate instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I can do that because now i am over 20 years old.

This chocolate, Meiji milk chocolate is basic, orthdocs, tradithional chocolate bar in Japan.

there are no funny point, no ornament, no luxury, no wastefulness. it’s just chocolate.

See this constraint package design.

But I don’t know why the word “meiji” is bigger than “chocolate”.

If chocolate word size become more bigger, sales will increase, i think. this is my marketing advice.


we can see the package phrase.

“We seek for pure taste, we are choosing material according this mission, and we enhance the traditional delicious taste, this chocolate is eternal pure chocolate.”

Jesus !


Let’s peep inside of package !


Now i peel off the package softly.


Oh my got ! even though I peel off package, there are another package under package.


this double package system  tantalize me.


Now I peel off another package slowly slowly.


What’s a beautiful color !




Taste ?

Sorry but I don’t eat chocolate by taste. I just eat chocolate because it is chocolate.

Basic data

Product NameMeiji Milk chocolate
Generic name  Chocolate
Categorychocolate bar
RecepieCacao & milk
TasteSweet and bit milky
Food textureif tempalature is cold, it’s hard, but tempalature is hot, it become soft.
CommentThis is basic chocolate bar in Japan. almost all japanese people have eaten.

Instant noodle Main dish

Ibaragi Kenchinsoba (Soba Instant noodle. oil free fried noodle)

Instant noodle means normally Ramen (Chinese style noodle) in Japan.

Instant noodle = Instant Ramen

But recently  other noodle type has increasing. and it is very confusing especially for foreginers. I think someone should teach exact information about noodle culture in Japan, and me must be the one who tell you noodle culture in Japan because I love noodle and I am Japanese and I have time to do this boring and meaning less job.

ramen RamenChinese style wheat noodle This is the most popular noodle in Japan. There are lots of flavor and style.
SobaJapanese style buckwheat noodle This noodle is famous as healthy noodle. it don’t use oil for cooking.
udon UdonJapanese style thic wheat noodle This noodle is popular around Shikoku area in Japan.
harusame Harusamecellophane noodle This noodle is not so popular. or it is used as parts of big dish.
somen SoomenJapanese style thin noodle This noodle is eatn mainly in Summer season.
it is difficult to find out restaurant that have this noodle.
reimen ReimenKorean style cold noodle
hiyashichuka Hiyashi ChukaChilled ramen noodle This noodle is also eatn mainly in Summer season.
Lots of Ramen shop have this but it’s only Summer season.
yakisoba YakisobaFried chiese style noodle THis is fried noodle of Ramen. but taste is no relation to Ramen.
yakiudon YakiudonJapanese style fried noodle This is fried noodle of Udon. But taste is no rlation to Udo.
this taste is similar to Yakisoba.


This time Instant noodle is Soba type. and To make matters more complicated, This soba is Kenchin style soba in Ibaragi pref.

Maybe almost all foreginers need no more explanation about this. but you must understand that almost all japanese understand this complicated meaning.

and they think, it must be delicious instant noodle before eat it or before buy it. These complicated information control Japanese people7s hungry instinct.


This package tell you, it use no oil to fry noodle. and 6 topping inside. (Mountai potate, Tofu, Carot, Mashroom, burdock roots, Green onion)
And noodle is very special made.



This label tell you allergia information. This is very important information recently.

because some people die to eat such allergia food even if other people have no harm about it.


This section tell you how to cook this instant noodle.



There are seasoning packages in it.


Three seasonings. One is liquid soup, one is powder soup, and one is topping.


This is powder soup, this say we must add this after pour hot water and unstiffen noodle.


This is topping.Mountai potate, Tofu, Carot, Mashroom, burdock roots, Green onion)


This is liquid soup. this instruction say after pouring hot water, but it on the noodle cover and heat it with it.


This is before pouring hot water.


This is after pouring water and right before eat !


Let’s compare cover photo and real one!



This is inside of it. Can you check chiken and onion between rice ?


Basic data
Product Name Ibaragi Kenchin soba
Generic name  Instant noodle
Category Soba
Recepie Hot Soba with mountain potate, carot, mashroom, green onion,
Price JPY220- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Yamadai
Taste Soy source taste soup with soba noodle. and even though frease dry, topping vegitable is taste good.
Food texture If you don’t mistake dipping time, you can enjoy real soba experience.
Comment Instant noodle is said to be bad for health. Mainly it use lots of oil. But this instant noodle don’t use oil. and taste is good.
Daily Yamazaki Main dish Yamazaki

Omusubi omuraisu (omurice), Special Rice ball (Kechup flavor fried rice wrapped with Omelette)

Rice ball wrapped with egg

Rice ball (called “Omusubi or Onigiri etc) is one of the popular food for Japanese middle class people. Basically rice ball is wrapped with Nori (Dried laver seaweed).

But this special rice ball is wrapped with Omelette, and content is ketchup rice.

Basically kechup rice wrapped with omelette called “Omuraisu” in Japanese. this means Omelette + rice.  and we eat Omuraise  like omelette style.

This “omusubi omuraisu” is special rice ball or special omuraisu. It’s a Omuraisu portable version.

Now I am confusing gradually.

Anyway, it’s very delicious !


This label say 207 kcal, Protein is 5.8g, fat is 5.8g, Natriul is 630mg, Carb is 33g.

In case of heating, recomened recipe is 30 sec. by 500W microwave, 10 sec. by 1500W.


it say I must eat it until March 4 2013, 4 AM. and we must stock it under 20 degree C.



Red triangle tell us to pull down it. and we can open plastic film easily. it separate it from side to side.



This is inside of it. Can you check chiken and onion between rice ?


Basic data

Product Name: Omusubi Omuraisu
Generic name: Rice ball
Category: Rice ball
Recepie: Kechup fried rice wrapped with omelette style egg.
Price: JPY135- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: Daily Yamazaki
Taste: You can enojoy omlette taste and ketchup fried rice at the same time.
Food texture: Chiken rice (rice tased tomato ketchup, onion, egg plate)
Comment: I strongly recomend to try this rice ball. because no one dislike Omurice (Kechup rice wrapped omelette) . and we can enjoy it anywhere. this is recommended to warmed up by microwave.


Drink DyDo Drinko

ULTRAMAN figure with Ice coffee (DyDo Brend black, Muto(sugarless)

Coffee or toy ?

When I walked in Convinience store to wet my dried throat, I find out Ice coffee bottle with ULTRAMAN figure.

Usually this season, Japanese drink company try to sell Ice coffee bottle with small present to promote Ice coffee sales before Summer Ice drink season.

Their maketing strategy is like this.

1. Summer is comming > Lots of people will buy ice drink

2. We need to make people our company’s product.

3. Let’s make effort to produce Good taste, high quality coffee that people will want to buy again and again

3. Let’s make effort to control people’s behavior to buy our product.

4. Sell our products with small present that is completely no relation with our product but people hope to get more than our product.

5. If people buy our product one time, people must buy our produtct repeatedly in this Summer season.

6. and several drink company start to sell Ice coffee with small present before Summer season.

I think there are some big marketing mistake in this process. but I am also so stupid that I bought this Ice coffee bottle.

or exactlly saying, I got small present by paying money for this ice coffee.







This figure is what I want !, URTRAMAN !


Small booklet with explanation about this character enhance my possessive instinct.


Surprisingly this figure can run with pull back action, in addition that they can not only run ground but also water !


Can you recognise ? this picture is floating on the water !



Now I don’t know what I did about my ice coffee.

Video For you

Basic data

Product Name: Blend Black, Deep Rich
Generic name: Can coffee
Category: Coffee
Recepie: Dubble ten blend coffee beans are used
Price: JPY147- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: DyDo Drinko
Weight: 400g
Taste: Bitter and ice
Food texture: Blacl liquid
Comment: I think this small present is maybe more expensive than this coffee.
Snack UCC

Suppaiman is sweet dried plum. Not mummy but look like mummy.

It’s not serious food? name is joking you.

Tell the truth, this sweet snack name, “Suppaiman” is very not serious name.

Or I must say it is ignorant naming.

this name is made up of two words. one is Suppai and the other is Man.
Suppai means sour. Man means male human.

Yes, if Suppaiman is translated in English, that name is “Sour male human”.
If this company is serious, they stuck mummy in this package instead of dried plum.

How can you be serious with this name !

And I must tell you the truth now. Even though it say Suppai (Sour), this is sweet !
Yes. This snack name cheat customers.


This must be real Suppaiman according to the meaning of Suppaiman in Japanese.
Please stop to cheat customer by stupid naming.

But I don’t care, because Suppaiman is very delicious !

Suppaiman is sweet dried plum





You can see scissors picture. this tell you where you cut.



If you can cut successfully, you can use jip again and again. it’s useful.





These are not mummy, but dried plum.
it looks very bad,but it taete extrordinally good !


It’s very delicious but be caureful ! it contain seed that is very hard. (right one is it.)

Eating video for you

Basic data
Product Name Suppaiman
Generic name  Dried plum
Category sweet snack
Recepie Dry up plum and put sweet taste on it.
Price JPY157- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Uemakashiten
Taste softly sweet.
Food texture It’s like a mummy.
Comment  Appearance is grotesque, but taste is very nice. Some pregnant woman love this snack.
Chocolate snack Kabaya Snack

Pastry sandwiching the chocolate and fruit juice and cream, sweet heaven

Delicia, Biscuit pastry sandwiching the chocolate and fruit juice and cream

When I see this snack’s package, I got angry. because strawberry picture is on it.

Of course no real strawberry is in this package. Why this snack company can put strawberry pictures on it without strawberry !

I shout in my mind that “don’t cheat me !”. but I stear at this package, it’s say,

“You can feel enjoyment with just one bite.”
“White whip melting in your mouth.”
“Fullfy x droppy”

These phrase control me to buy this chocolate snack, Delicia !



Delicia is Pourtgee language, and it means delight.

This package says that this snack use strawberry juice 2.4% & Rasberry 1.9%.


Energy: 254 kcal
Protein: 2.7g
FAT: 15.4g
Carb: 27.2g
Natrium: 55mg




this is the place to open this package. it say “OPEN”.



I can open easily because there is slit.


Snack is wraped with alumi package.


it says that “We are taking advantage of material, and enjoy material flavor.
and there are lots of explanation about this snack. sorry but i have no time to translate this long explanation.
anyway it is not so important.


It say, “You can feel delight with one bite !  & white whoip melting in your mounth.”


This is wraped with Alminium film. it shut out ultraviolet rays & moisture.


Yes, whoip between bisucit & chocolate is neally burst!


At first I doubt that it contain strawberry, but when I cut it, strawberry like jelly pour.


Amazingly real chocolate snack is very similar to illustration on the package ! Jesus !

Eating video for you


Basic data

Product Name Delicia
Generic name  Chocolate snack
Category sweet snack
Recepie Sand white whoip cream with biscuit & chocolate.
Price JPY157- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand Kabaya
Taste you can taste three sweet, 1.chocolate sweet, 2. Biscuit sweet, 3.Whip cream sweet.
Food texture It’s very small piece but complicated food texture because of 3 layer sysytem.1. bit hard chocolate, 2. soft biscuit, 3. mild whip cream
Comment  each piece is small but each piece is wrapped with aluminium film. it make me irritate because it is very delicious and want to eat another soon after eat one.

Must be healthy ! Dried kelp snak, sour vinegar & bit sweet taste.

Miyakokonbu, sour konbu prepared with black vinegar

Seaweed is one of detestable food in Japan because it’s smell too fishy and gooey. No people willing to eat it except sea insect.

How can we eat seaweed as snack that make our time happy ?

Japanese does.

but of course no Japanese eat it as it is. we cook it with special method. and Jesus! it’s changed to the delicious sweet snack.

Wheather you believe or not, this sweet seaweed snack is very delicious !


As I told you, only sea sea insect like this willing to eat seaweed, but human creature will not.

But this sweet snack, Miyakokonbu is incredibly delicious.



This says that you must eat it until June 2013.



This slit means that you can open from here. But there are no instruction how to open this package.

Nobody tell you how to open it. You must think up by yourself. It’s zen.


I can open it because I am zen.



Eating video for you

Basic Data

Product Name: Miyakokonbu
Generic name: Sukonbu
Category: sweet snack (bit sour)
Recepie: Dip seaweed with vinegar and cover with sugar
Price: JPY100- (You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand: Nakanobussan
Taste: Softly sweet & sour
Food texture: Bit weat and soured sea weed is covered with sugar.
Comment: This is loved lots of Japanese people, from children to old people. And I seem to be good for health.


Mildl sweet & soft snak decayed tooth can bite, Dried wheat gluten snack

FU-BO-san tarou, Dried wheat gluten snack

If you still have tooth but tooth is frangible because of tooth decay, you it’s time to stop to eat sweet snack. But you cannot help stopping to eat sweet snack and this is the reason you have decayed tooth.

Now it’s good news to you because you can eat this sweet snack with your frangible tooth. Why ? because this “FU-BO-san tarou” is easy to chew, and it fill up your “hanger for sweet”.




Eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name Fu-Bo-san tarou
Generic name   Dried wheat gluten snack
Category sweet snack
Recepie Dry gluten wheat and cover it with sugar.
Price I don’t know exact price but don’t worry, it’s cheap.
Brand Yaokin
Taste Softly sweet
Food texture You can bite with decayed tooth
Comment Price is low comparing to the size because it’s contain lots of air in food.  so you can enjoy money saving feeling.