Durum obasan Carbonara Fettechine is full-blown Italian taste & al dente feeling instant noodle

Durum obasan Carbonara Fettechine is full-blown Italian taste & al dente feeling instant noodle (1) Bland
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You have no choice to go to Italia

If you’re wondering whether to go to Italia or Japan, I have good solution that satisfy you and save your time & money. Come to Japan with 2 dollar and buy this Instant noodle. You can enjoy Japan and full-blown Italian food at the same time.

You must say “What a stupid Japanese! Don’t kidding me. shut up your mouth. ” It’s just a Instant noodle. It is impossible to enjoy delicious Italian just by pouring hot water!

I had also thought like that until I ate this instant noodle.

I know that you do not believe what I say to you. But so sorry, this is the truth. Now I show you how delicious this Instant Carbonara.

About Name of this Instant Noodle

Name is “Durum obasan Carbonara Fettechine”.  Durum is name after Durum wheat that is used for pasta. and “Obasan” means old lady in Japanese. so Durum obasan means Old lady named Durum. this is the reason there are old lady ilustration on the top of package.

Carbonara Fettechine is of course name of Italian food.

This pasta is made by 100% Durum Semolina. and it is wide Fettechine enable us to enjoy al dente feeling

Pasta sauce is using Parmesan cheese and egg yolk.



this is botom.


this is side view.


this tell you contents of this instant noodle.


this is allergy information. recently allergy food kill lots of allergy Japanese. this is vital information.



Now I strip the vinyl package. Top of inside package, there are instruction how to cook this instant noodle.


This is Pasta before cooking.


there are two package in this instant noodle.


One is Pasta sauce. it says that we must put it on the package during dipping pasta by hot water to warm this pasta sauce.

This must be very important process to eat full-brown Italian taste instant noodle.


This is Topping. this is kibble black pepper.


Package tell you kindly in detail how to cook this instant noodle. We just follow this A, B C instruction.

A is open tub.


We pull A until B line.



C tub is to drain out hot water after warm up dried pasta.


Now I poured hot water so I shut cover and put Pasta sauce on it according to the instruction.



After 5 min, I pull C tub to drain out hot water.



This is Pasta sauce. How creamy looking it is !


This is kibble black pepper.


I put them into the pasta.

Now I finish cooking.


Let’s compare package picture and actual instant noodle. I must say it is not so different.


Eating video for you

Basic data

Product Name Durum obasan Carbonara Fettechine
Generic name Italian food
Category Instant noodle
Recepie Carbonara Fettechine, Pasta sauce using Parmesan cheese
Price JPY190-(You can check your country currency value by currency converter of within this site.)
Brand SANYO FOOD Co.,ltd (Sapporo Ichiban)
Taste  Pasta sauce is very rich and creamy. but still light taste.
Food texture  Wide width pasta is good firmness and it enable pasta to mix with sauce.
Calorie 366 kcal
Comment  I cannot find any words except Excelent !Even if you are doubter, there are no choice to admit my opinion considering this instant noodle price.


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